I never knew my fate would come like this... living with my brother in a city alley, until he backstabbed me during a fast-food heist, and here I am now... in a Nepmoon-forsaken dog pound truck... I was caged and lonely... but luckily, I was behind the driver... the driver was pretty old, blue shirt, blue jeans... and I got a good look of New York city before I died of a medicine... My name is Remus, I had a gray pelt and green eyes, "so I suppose it wasn't you then?" The driver said. "Wasn't what?" I asked. "It wasn't you that breached that one home and ransacked it." The driver replied. "You know my excuse... but this is the worst kind of fate... death by injustice." I muttered."So... remind me, how come you can talk?" The driver asked me. "Uhh... remember that family of super genius-" "Ah... yes, the mighty Pon Peters... yes I know them, they invented something that made them live for nearly a century." The driver inturrupted me. "Yeah, the "mighty" Pon Peters, I took their medicine that allowed my brain to adapt to English." I replied, firm in my voice. Police cars passed by us... "Wow, must be a highspeed chase somewhere..." The driver said. The truck slowed down and the driver looked left and right before the truck went faster. A helicopter hovered above us. "Whats with the ruckus?" I asked. "Not sure... oh yes! an eclipse is supposed to happen today." The driver said. "What kind?" I asked. "A solar eclipse." The driver replied. "Well, that's something..." I said. We started driving out of the city. I sighed once we passed a few dozen trees. These will be the last I'll ever see. Suddenly, the truck came to a rough stop. I saw the driver's foot pushing a lever... and the truck didn't budge. The driver got out. I sighed and waited. Through the windshield, I saw the driver lay his hands on the hood. Suddenly, the driver stood straight instantly and fell. The truck got pushed over and my cage flew. The truck was entirely pushed over on it's left side and my cage flew. I only saw white and it made me stunned. My left leg stuck out of my cage and a cage flew on top of it. "AGGGGGGGH!" I screamed, looking up at the roof. I glanced down at my leg slowly. It was seperated... My lips trembled and I felt myself about to faint. I heard the back doors opening and shadowy figures of humans! "Little help here?" I asked. "Get the wolf on his paws!" One of the humans ordered. One human came over and grabbed my cage. "Thank you... thank you so mu-" He turned my cage and I paused there... he was no human. "What the heck are you?" I asked. One of them came over, he had samurai armor. "We are your only salvation." He replied. I breathed heavily. "What did you do to the driver?" I asked. "We only put him to sleep, he'll be a slave... you should be glad that the great invasion is occuring now." He said. "Great invasion?" I asked. "Yes... we're going to make the humans extinct... forever!" He said. I wanted to talk but I coughed out blood. A snake with medic symbols on his red shoulder pads came over to me. "Zon't vorry, ve will heal your leg." He said, German in his accent. I fainted after that...

The Alpha Howl library presents...  
Debt to the sea

Chapter 1:
      Dreams from fate

"Board their ship!" I ordered to my crew. We rammed into their ship and we boarded them. My name is Remus... A Pheonix snake approached me and swung his sword straight down at me. Maul blocked it with his cutlass. Maul is my loyal and strong mercenary, he was worth paying and he's a Russian Nepmoon snake. I stabbed the Pheonix snake's body and Maul finished him by stabbing his chest. I heard a clockwork gun. I glanced at the source. There was a Medusa snake aiming his clockwork gun at me. He suddenly got stabbed. Rouge was right there. Rouge is my stealthy panther mercenary, she's Japaniese but never talks... I smiled and Rouge nodded. I turned around and there was a band of pirates armed with swords! One swung at me, I dodged. Suddenly, an arrow pierced his head. I glanced toward my ship. "Thanks for standin' still!" Hawk said, waving. Hawk was my Australian blood snake marksman, he doesn't like guns because of the noise they make. We killed every pirate and the captain came out of his quarters. He had a Pheonix sword in his grip. "So, you wanna fight ladies?! because you got one comin' to ye'!" He yelled. He swung at me, Maul blocked it and Hawk fired an arrow at his head. And he died. "Some fight." I taunted. We took the treasure with 200 doubloons and set sail.

Chapter 2:
       Dinner time
Me and my crew sat down at the dining table. A door flung open and there was Chef, our Hawaiian chef. "Calibungwa!" He said. All of us started laughing and he threw our plates with our dinner exactly in front of us. Once he dusted his hands, we all applauded. "Fine show!" Maul commented. We all started eating. Chef sat down and ate his meal... roasted mice... disgusting. My meal was a glorious roast porkchop. "Hass der ketchup, pleaze." Albert requested. Albert Pon Peter is our eletronic genius, he is very good with electronics. Maul grabbed the ketchup and handed it to Albert. "Danke." Albert thanked. I ate my porkchop and chewed it until my eyes ran up to Mary... the beautiful blue highborn wolf was enjoying some green apples. Mary was our medic, she took 5 years of doctor school and is an orthodontist. Once she saw me. I quickly took bite off my roast porkchop, acting as if I didn't stare at her. "So... Remus, how was day?" Maul asked. I swallowed my porkchop and answered. "The usual... raidin' boats, eating, reading, leading... the usual... like I said." I replied. Maul sighed. "Good news though." I said. The whole crew stopped and looked up at me, desperate for good news. "I think we're ready to start raiding Romulus" I said. The whole crew cheered... before invading Romulus, I set them up for a little test... sink as many boats as possible. And we sank a total of ten ships this month. So I think they're ready. "But first... one final test, first... we'll take care of my competition... Witch Maris, Suaron, and zezom Raleigh." I said. Everyone nodded and continued eating.

Chapter 3:
        Diary page.

I closed the doors behind me once I was in my Captain's quarters, I glanced behind my shoulder. My desk was right there. Along with that, my diary page... I went over to it to read it again, I started at diary page one.

Day one:

My quest has begun to set sail upon the open seas to get my revenge on Romulus, my brother... I hired the most deadliest crew to put silence Romulus.

Age: 41
Nepmoon snake
Russian, strong and loyal.
Remains loyal to me... I trust him.

Age: 10
Japaniese, silent but deadly.
Very shy, never talks to me but only to Maul... I'm keeping an eye on her.

Age: 39
Blood snake
Australian, marksman, doesn't like guns.
Wishes to fly... used to live with a family in Australia that was in dire need of some mula. Wife and children were mysterious murdered before the great invasion

Age: 11
Blue highborn wolf
British, medic and charming.
Lived with a rich family... her family never wanted her to become a doctor.

Albert Pon Peter
Clockwork snake
German, eletronic engineer.
I seriously do not trust in the gadgets he makes.

Age: 30
Medusa snake
Hawaiian, wakes up early to fix Breakfast.
Favorite song is hukilau, makes very grand food.

I read the rest of my diary page before going to bed on my cot.

Chapter 4:
    Storm pirates

"Storm pirates!" Hawk yelled. I woke up and fell off my bed. I got up and went outside. A ship with storm pirates was on it. I moved up to the steering wheel, which was occupied by Maul. "You take the cannons, I'll take the wheel." I ordered. "Da" Maul said. Maul let go of the wheel, I stood on my hind legs and grabbed the wheel with my front paws. The storm pirates were coming in on the left. "Surrender your ship, or face my fury!" Their captain yelled. "Or face your furry what?!" Hawk asked. "No! not furry! FURY!" Their captain yelled. They were approaching our left. Luckily, our cannons have an advatage that they do not posses. We have automatic movement sensing cannons. They fire by themselves but someone needs to reload them. Which is why I asked Maul to man them. The storm pirates were perfectly lined up and our cannons fired. A direct hit and they sunk instantly. The storm pirates have cheap boats... they're a bunch of bandits that do nothing but mug people and sink their dreams to the bottom of the sea. My crew cheered. "Alright, lets continue to Suaron." I ordered. "Da." Maul replied. I let Maul take the wheel. I went to the front of the boat... smelling the air of Nepmoon's seas.

Chapter 5:
      The one ring to rule them all.

Suaron was a giant and strong Pheonix snake. He had a ring that made him this powerful. and we were going to obtain it.

Our ship blended into the fog. An island was spotted and Suaron was there with his army of Terror fold. He stuck his hand up. Catapults emerged from the shadows. "Uhh... Remus, Maul really think that we should-" "Don't worry, just keep approaching..." I said. "Fire!" Suaron ordered. The catapults launched their fireballs. My crew ducked their heads but I stood there. The fireballs kept missing. I snicked and dusted my paw off. "Told you." I bragged. Maul chuckled. "Fire crossbows!" Suaron ordered. crossbow bolts started hovering from above. "Take shelter!" I ordered. Maul grabbed a shield and put it on top of his head. The rest of the crew (including me) went underneath the surface. Crossbow bolts hit the top and we went out of cover. Our boat reached the island and we dropped anchor. Their Terror fold ash-knights came over to us with Pheonix knives and fury shields. My battle crew jumped off the boat and approached the ash-knights. "I will tear you until I can devour you!" One of them battle cried. One of them swung at me. I dodged and hopped onto him. He bashed me with his shield and swung down on my body. Maul blocked it and Hawk fired at his head. "Not so smart, are ya'!?" Hawk taunted as he reloaded. Maul seperated from me and I got up. Rouge backstabbed an ash-knight that was aiming a crossbow at me. We were winning. Hawk fired at a Terror fold ash-knight's head and reloaded. They started falling back. I saw Suaron on the top of the hill. He had an angry expression that was priceless. I smiled, I was surprised we fought off Terror fold.

Albert set up eletric turrets and Maul set up spikes. Mary setted up the beds. Hawk was watching for movement. I sighed. "Whats wrong?" Mary asked, walking over to me. "Oh, nothing." I lied. Mary smiled. "By the way, how's your parent's injurys going? they being treated?" I asked. Mary frowned. "There was nothing I can do, it got worse by the days." Mary said. "Oh." I replied. Mary walked away. "Thanks for asking." She said.

Chapter 6:
        The raid

I got up. A crossbow bolt was in front of me. "Get up cap'n!" Hawk ordered. I got up and pulled out the crossbow bolt. "Sorry for havin' tah' wake ya' up like that mate." Hawk apoligized. Hawk was on the ship while I was on the ground. "It's okay." I replied, throwing the crossbow bolt up to him. He caught it and loaded it into his crossbow. I glanced at the top of the mountain. They didn't look prepared for us. There was no guards or slaves or the slightest sight of a soul. He must have killed them all for their failure to defend the mountain. Rouge and Maul reported in to me. "Sir, Rouge gave me good news." Maul said. "Alright, lets hear it." I said. "Tiny Suaron has killed little Terror fold, give us advantage, da?" He asked. "Da." I replied, glancing at the mountain. I glanced back at Rouge after staring at the mountain for several seconds. "Good recon work Rouge." I said. She nodded. "Maul! littlze help here?!" Albert requested. Maul slithured up the boat to help Albert. Rouge walked away. My stomach growled, luckily no one listened. Where is Chef? I went up the boat and looked at my clock. Breakfast always gets fixed at 8:50 AM. It is currently 7:46 AM. I twitched my mouth and went outside. Hawk woke me up an hour and 4 minutes early. "Hawk!" I screeched. I felt embarrased because I felt like a crow. Hawk went over to me and pounded his chest as a salute. "At ease." I said. He dropped his arm to his side. "What is it mate?" He asked. "Why did you wake me up an hour and 4- 3 minutes early?" I asked.  "I thought ya'd like to think of a plan or something mate." Hawk replied. "I didn't really think about that." I confessed. "Alright, you can go." I said. Hawk saluted and slithured away. I glanced at the mountain. "Rouge!" I screeched. Rouge suddenly appeared in front of me and saluted. "I need you to scout Suaron's base, find out what he's planning." I ordered. Rouge nodded and prowled toward the mountain.

It has been an hour since Rouge was gone. We were having breakfast without her but no one was eating. "I do not like eating without whole crew." Maul said. Foot steps suddenly emurged above us. Maul quickly grabbed a kitchen knife and scouted. He was gone for several seconds. Maul came down. "Suaron's ship has said: do svidaniya!" Maul quickly said. "What?!"

Chapter 7:
           The chase:

"Theres the cowardly rat!" Hawk said. while in the crow's nest. I saw their boat. And we were catching up to them. Maul had the wheel. "Hawk! can you shoot their driver?" I asked. "Not yet!" Hawk replied. Once we got slightly closer. Hawk loaded his scoped crossbow and aimed. He fired and their driver fell to the left, turning the steering wheel to the left while he fell. Their boat curved and we had a perfect advantage. "Activate the cannons!" I ordered. Remember that our cannons are motion-sensing. I saw a crossbow man aim at Hawk and fire. "Aggh!" Hawk screamed. I saw Hawk above me, his face was showing and he had his hand on where the arrow hit him. "Mary!" He called. Hawk climbed from the crow's nest all the way down slowly. Luckily, no one shot him while he was climbing down. Their boat was in line sight and our cannons fired. Their sails broke and cannons were all destroyed. "Prepare to board!" I ordered. Their boat stopped while their sails fell. One of the sails crushed their steering wheel. Maul and I boarded their ship. The crossbow man that shot Hawk fired an arrow at Maul. Maul pulled out his cutlass and blocked the projectile. I charged at the crossbow man and stabbed him. He fell to the floor. Rouge boarded and she vanished. Suaron crashed through the Captain's quarters. "Time to fight little mice." He said. He pulled out a giant two-handed mallet. Suaron was huge up close (I recall he was 7,5.) Suaron swung down his mallet on me. I dodged and Maul stabbed Suaron's hand that wielded the butt of the mallet. "Agggh!" Suaron screamed. He dropped his mallet and Maul quickly tossed it overboard. Rouge backstabbed Suaron and I stabbed Suaron. "Little rats are good, but not for Suaron!" Suaron yelled. Suaron grabbed Maul and punched his stomach. Then threw him towards our ship. "No one hurts my crew!" I yelled. I hopped toward him and bit his neck. He pushed me off and smashed his fists down on me. I dodged and Rouge backstabbed him again. Suaron turned his back and swung his fists. I backstabbed Suaron and he started swinging his fists everywhere. Me and Rouge waited until he was tired. Then we stabbed him until he couldn't take it anymore. He fell to the floor like a rock after 10 stabs or so.

Chapter 8:
          Party is a price

My crew and I celebrated while we ate breakfast. We talked more. And we had the most delicious food. I had roasted chicken. "Yeah! we beat that rat, the lil' cactus-eatin' fraud!" Hawk cheered. He and Maul were bandaged before breakfast. His arm twitched while he raised in the air while cheering. "Da! little no good Suaron got what he desereved." Maul cheered. Chef popped out of the bakery with plates of food lined up across his arms. "Enjoy!" He said, tossing each of them to us. It landed right in front of me, just next to the roast chicken. It was porkchop. "Mice on a stick?! alright!" Hawk cheered. He consumed the  mice faster then me eating the chicken. "Hawk... have you ever... thought about being human again?" I asked, slightly disgusted by the mice he was eating. Hawk grabbed a napkin and patted his lips before replying. "No, it's forbidden by Medusa." Hawk said. "You're a blood snake though." I said. He bit another mouse and swallowed before continuing. "So? doesn't mean I can't get my orders from Medusa." He replied. "Nevermind." I said. He started eating the mice again. I looked at what Mary was eating. She was eating apples... disgusting. Mary is a vegetarion, I don't see how any wolf can digest such an abomination. The reason why she is a vegetarion is because she has a fear of proceced meat, pink slime, and stuff like that. I finished my roasted chicken and started eating the porkchop. Albert Pon Peter stood up. "Zou guys vannna hear a story vabout my vamily?" Albert asked. "Sure, why not?" I agreeded. "Da." Maul said. "Sure." Mary said, her front paws together on the table. "Sure." Hawk said. "Valright, this zis a true story... zhy family hated our dad, our dad treated zus as slaves... a family of super-geniuses as slaves zust doesn't vit... so ve escaped." Albert paused, savoring the drama. "And where might have you gone, sir?" Mary asked. "Ve went to Medusa... vhour pazhetic brother "Zanzos" vas die first... and he vas the leader of ze great invasion." I suddenly remembered the cage. My leg having to be cut off from my limbs. I placed my paw on my left leg. I glanced up, everyone was looking at me. "Something wrong, Remus?" Mary asked. "Nothing." I replied quickly. Placing my paw down on the chair. Maul stood up. "Well, I suppose good breakfast is done... whats say we hit little island and shop?" Maul asked. Everyone nodded and agreeded. I smiled but I couldn't resist trying not to.

Chapter 9:

While my crew gone shopping. I was basically enjoying a little "me" time. The crew is nice... almost like a family. Except sometimes, I just need a little time alone. The wind brushed against me. I was on the butt of the boat. Sitting there and embracing the wind. I kept thinking of my leg... How it got cut was an unbearable event in my life. Luckily, Schultz Pon Peter healed my leg... it's now "back to normal". I could remember how Romulus and I were the only ones in our family... that terrible event that made our parents, brother, and sister pass away. I shook my head several times to clear the thoughts.

I stretched and decided to go onto the deck a little. I then went over to a poster on the wall.

Join the storm pirates!
fresh food, weapons, gold!
Led by the supreme leader, Niki

The name sounded familiar... Niki. I tore off the poster and went back to my boat, the poster flew with the wind.

My crew returned 12 minutes later after my "me" time. Mary brought back a first-aid kit and a flower. Hawk brought several books. I could bet one of them was "Balro's quests". Maul bought chained gloves with iron spikes at the knuckles. "Nice gloves." I commented. "Thank you! little gloves are meant to intimidate babies." Maul replied. "Is that so?" I asked. "Da." He said. Albert bought some metal cylinder, on the inside it was glowing. "What the heck is that?" I asked. "Zis a nuclear core for vhy prozect." He replied. "Make sure it doesn't blow up, okay?" I said firmly. "Ja, I got zit." He replied. I saw him rolling his eyes while he went to his lab. His lab was under my quarters... which is why I don't fall asleep until I read my diary... because his generator is under my bed and I have a fear it will blow up. Chef and Rouge didn't have anything. "Well, lets have lunch and we shall sail to witch Maris!" I announced. "Alright!" Hawk cheered from the crow's nest. The crew cheered. I chuckled. "Vell, good job... you got crew to be inspired." Maul said. "I didn't really expect that." I replied.

Chef passed us all our lunch. My lunch was roasted chicken. Mary's was apples (again), Maul had a roast insects (and so did the other snakes) I didn't really like roast mice and I don't honestly see how good it can be... but I love my crew and I won't complain. We all started eating after Chef put down his meal. Everyone talked, everyone ate, and it was like a restaurant. "So, Remus, can you say how your parents were like?" Mary asked. Everyone paused and listened. "They died... I don't really remember who they were..."  I replied. "Oh, I dare say, I'm sorry." Mary said. I chuckled. "No problem." I said. Everyone continued eating... luckily, they didn't ask what happened to my parents. I sighed and ate my chicken.

Chapter 10:
      Witch Maris

Witch Maris lived on a cay... a large swamp was also on the cay... there lived witch Maris (as I mentioned) with her sick and twisted voodoo servants. We landed on the cay. We dropped anchor and me, Maul, Rouge, and Albert with his new gun got off the boat. We set up turrets and barricades. Hawk stood guard in the crow's nest. "Anything yet, Hawk?!" I asked him. "Not yet, mate!" Hawk replied. I growled. "Rouge, scout ahead... somethings suspious about this arival." I ordered. Rouge nodded and she prowled into the swamp. "I hope they don't get on another boat and make a one-way ticket to the Pacific ocean." I muttered. "Da, Suaron almost got away, little coward." Maul said. "Indeed." I replied.

Rouge got back after 10 minutes. "Alright, any news?" I asked. Rouge nodded. Maul approached Rouge and Rouge whispered in his ears. Rouge is comfortable talking to Maul, Maul was her friend. and he still is now. "She says, Maris is essembling voodoo priests in our presence." Maul said. "Okay... any good news?" I asked. Rouge whispered more news into Maul's ear. "She says... nyet good news." Maul replied. "Well... great." I said. I glanced at the swamp. "How long do we have?" I asked. Rouge whispered to Maul. "She doesn't know." Maul replied. "Well, just great." I muttered. The swamp was silent. "I think we should strike now." I suggested. Maul shrugged. "Lets go Maul! Hawk, stay here and guard the boat in case of voodoo priests..." I ordered. I walked into the swamp and Maul followed me.

We found Maris's place. There were huts everywhere. I was guessing  the biggest hut was where Maris was. Voodoo priests were lined up seperately. Maris was right there... a purple devil cat. Except... her right tooth was broken, she had scars all over her face. Must have been explosions from potions. She glanced at my direction. Me and Maul quickly ducked our heads down. We went back to our boat before they investigated where me and Maul were.

Half-way to our ship, I walked behind Maul while he was slicin' and dicin' through vines that hung off of trees. I was careful not to embrace the sharp edge of his cutlass. I was watching behind us... just in case. I heard water splash behind us. I glanced over my shoulder. Maul's cutlass was on the water. Maul fell to the floor. I gasped. I felt sharp pain on my pain surge through my chest. I grunted and fell to the floor. Voodoo priests started coming from everywhere! I closed my eyes.

Chapter 11:
       Prison in the swamp.

I woke up, witch Maris was right there. She was smiling at me. "Good mornin'." She said. She had a Jamaican accent. I growled. She laughed. "Ya' dink I'm scared of ya? far wrong!" She said. "Well, it beats me... but I'm not scared of you." I said. She laughed. "Den how about I inject poison in ya? will ya be scared?" She asked. I shook my head. "Bold, very, but dat don't you any good. I have d'e upper hand, and I will sell ya to Romulus for food." Maris said. "Why not money?" I asked. "Money? what use do I have for pap'ah? metal? no'ding!" Maris yelled. Maris started leaving. I think I'm seperate from the others. As Maris went away. Two voodoo guards took position in front of me... they had their backs pointing the wall and facing me... clever rodents. I was looking around, thinking of a way out. I heard a cell door creak. The two voodoo guards glanced at the noise but didn't move. Another voodoo guard came. "Whats da rukus?" He asked. "A zell door juzt creaked..." The voodoo guard replied. "I'll inveztigate z'e noise... ztay 'ere and guard de prisoner." He ordered. The voodoo guard nodded and the leader went over to the noise. There was suddenly a collapse noise. One voodoo guard went over there. The other raised his staff that had a skull impaled on an end. I saw Maul sneaking up on the one with the staff. I smiled. Maul grabbed the snake's neck and snapped it. The other voodoo guard glanced over his should and started firing shadow bolts at Maul. "Careful Maul!" I said. Maul took cover. There was a back stab noise and the voodoo guard fell. Rouge was right there. Maul went over to a guard and looted him. "No keys." Maul said. Maul went over to the padlock that locked my cell door. He smashed it and the cell door opened. "Lets go captain!" Maul said. "Of course, thanks." I said. Rouge smiled. "Thank you too, Rouge." I thanked. Rouge nodded. "Where are the others?" I asked. "Imprisoned in little cells." Maul replied. "Did you free them?" I asked. "Da." Maul said. "Good... lets get to witch Maris and make her a surprise." I said.

Chapter 12:
        A "surprise"

We all went into Maris's poison lab. Maris was right there, brewing up something. "Well, Maris, you might as well give up... we got surrounded." I said. Maul, Rouge, Hawk, and Albert stood beside me. "Yes, yes... indeed." Maris said. Maris grabbed a red shot. "And whats that?" I asked. "A'h poison me'h and me ancestors always knew... I alread'eh taught  my children." She replied. She stabbed it and at first... she did nothing. I growled. She then started getting twichity. Her paws were shaking like crazy. Maul pulled out his cutlass and so did everybody else. Maris' legs started getting sucked into her body and she turned into a giant purple zezom! "Azbane's mercy..." I gasped. She roared at us.

Hawk fired a bolt at her. It hit a little below her eye. She roared and pushed us all back... except me and Maul. Maul pulled out a shield. I stood behind Maul. The zezom bit at Maul. Maul dodged and bashed his shield into her, making her mad. I went ahead of Maul and swung my paw daggers at her. She got hit. I walked behind Maul. Hawk fired his crossbow at her. And she was completely off. She roared and chomped at Maul. Maul dodged and sheild bashed her. She roared for no reason... and Rouge was right behind her. She had trouble trying to eat Rouge. Albert threw a static grenade at her and eletricity shot everywhere... luckily it hit Maul's shield and no one else. She started getting weaker... I could tell by her anger and lack of effort. Maul shield bashed her and I swiped at her. Hawk fired his crossbow and Rouge pulled off the finishing move by backstabbing her. She started shinking and she turned back to her devil cat self. "Finally." I said. Everyone cheered and started going back to the boat. I stared at her for several seconds and left. She was dead alright.

Chapter 13:
        First date.

My crew and I had a little break before continuing on to soldier Doe's place... Soldier Doe was a ruthless man, a patriot that works for Plutarch Snake. I was looking out into the sea. I sighed. "Such a beauty Nepmoon and the Earth mother created." I said. "I agree." Mary said behind me. I glanced over my shoulder. Mary was behind me. She walked over to my right... I never noticed I was taller then her but I guess that shouldn't come as a surprise... she's female after all. "Moon is just beautiful, isn't it?" Mary asked, looking at the moon while I stared at her. I glanced at the moon. "It looks like you..." I flirted. Mary chuckled. I smiled, I felt proud of myself...  "You think soldier Doe will be tough?" I asked. Mary paused. She then chuckled. "Not against you." Mary replied. I smiled. Hawk started playing his violin in the crow's nest while I embraced the soft cheek of the beautiful blue highborn.

 Chapter 14:
     On the way to the fort.

Day I:

Hawk was humming a tune that I didn't know.  "Hawk, are we there yet?" I asked. "Not'ing mate." Hawk said... even though he wasn't in the crow's nest. I growled. I went near downstairs and walked over to Mary's office. I then heard a hum near Chef's bakery. I listened in. "Oh, we're going... to the hukilau!" Chef sang. I saw a shadow of him mixing something. I smiled and proceeded on to Mary's office...

Inside, Mary was in her office. I knocked on the door with my paw. "Come in!" Mary yelled. I assumed she was busy with work. Once I got in... I was right. She had shock pads from Albert Pon Peter. She had a plastic dummy on a medical bed. A heart monitor was plugged in and had no heart rate. A straight red line crossed the monitor. Mary rubbed the two shock pads together and laid it on the dummy's chest. "Clear!" Mary said. The shock pads eletrocuted the dummy and the monitor shown a yellow line. "Practicing reviving?" I asked. "Yes, your majesty." She replied. "Don't call me your king, I'm a captain." I chuckled. She chuckled with me.  I heard a door slam open. Chef was slithering out of it. "Treat the ship with respect, Chef, whats with the rush anyway?" I asked, leaving Mary's office. "Terrible, I'm afraid... we ran out of food for the hukilau." Chef replied. "What? hukilau?" I asked. "Yes, hukilau... we ran out of food, meats and vegetables." Chef said. "Alright, we still will have dinner, won't we?" I asked. "Yes." Chef replied. "Alright, hopefully we pass by Texas to buy something soon." I said. Chef nodded and went back to his bakery. Mary walked beside me, on my right. I scoffed. "I don't see how food is so important to him." I said. "Perhaps he's... adapted to it." Mary replied. "Maybe." I said. I sighed. "See you later, Mary." I said, walking toward the stairs.

Day II:

I sighed off the side of the boat... "Gah... 2 days doing nothing but stare at an open field of blue." I said, putting a paw on the top of my head. My eyes grew once my l laid my left paw on my head. It was cold like ice. I slid it off my head slowly. "How many hours left Maul?" I asked. "18 hours." Maul replied. "Well, just great." I muttered. "Ship off the port bow!" Hawk yelled. My eyes grew and my ears raised. I saw the ship, it didn't have a storm pirate flag though... "Turn off the cannons." I ordered. "What? why?" Maul asked. "I don't think it's hostile." I replied. Maul twitched his mouth but turned off the cannons. Once they came into clear sight... they didn't act hostile at all. They had no cannons... no cutlasses... no nothing. They waved at us. We waved back. "Are you a trade ship?!" I asked. "That's right ,lad, we're on our way to Boston." A fox said, Scottish in his accent. "How about we make a trade?! we require a little food!" I bargained. They were silent for a moment... but they spoke out. "Sure!" A blood snake replied, sounding a little Romanian.. Our ships were side by side, facing the opposite direction of each other. They set down a plank. Maul had his cutlass sheathed but in his grip. Hawk did the same with his crossbow. The fox crossed the plank and so did the blood snake. "So... what are you lads willin' to trad'?" The fox asked. "We got gold." I replied. The fox smiled. "Aye, we'll trade that, lad, we'll trade that... what's your name lad?" He asked. "Remus. Yours?" I replied. "Tod, names Tod, this here lad is Sid." Tod introduced. "Nice to meet you, Tod and Sid." I said. "Aye me'lord, so... 'eres your food." Tod said. Several Medusa snakes loaded three crates of food. I went over to them to make sure they weren't a scam... one rule I remember from a book I read: never trust a fox with food. I opened the crate and examined the food. I was impressed. Several fruits in the first crate. Meat in the second. "Alright." I said. My crew went over to the crates, Mary only examined the fruit crate. "Maul, get the doubloons. We're getting this stuff." I ordered. "Da." He said. Maul vanished into the basement of the boat and got out the chest.  Tod went over to the chest and opened it. He smiled. "Good trade lad, you wish to trade some more, we'll be at Boston." Tod said. "Okay." I said, nodding. Sid picked up the chest and brought it to their boat. We kept the food. Maul helped bring the crates down to the bakery. "Albert, estimated time until all food is consumed?" I asked. "A monat, herr." Albert replied. (A month, sir). "Alright!" I cheered. "Oh ye', also lads! we're the onleh trad' ship in the sea'!" Tod yelled.

He was right... ever since the storm pirates, it was just to risky to trade. So... trade ships were a pretty rare sight these days.

"Shall we tell them, Tod?" Sid asked. "Aye, also lads, if ya' see someone with a mechanical leg, rip it off, it makes the one mad with power." Tod said. I swallowed.

Day III:

Our food stock was full. It really did look like a month-full food stock. I was keeping my ears up and listening if Hawk sees anything. "Theres land, mate! but it looks nothin' like California." Hawk said. I squinted. He was right... was this Texas? Wheres all the ruins? the grass? We set anchor and dropped to the sandy floor. There was fire on the beach. I went over to one source. It was a towel. There was a large fire. It looked like a beachguard's tower. It was burning whole, being consumed by the fire. "Remus... look." Hawk said. I glanced at he was staring at. Paw prints. Rouge went over to us and examined the tracks. Maul went over to Rouge. "She says, Romulus was here." Maul said. I growled. "I assume he was here to burn human remains?" I asked. "I zoubt dat." Albert said. "You got a better prediciton?" I asked. Albert pulled out a little device. "I'll be der judge of zhat." He replied. He went over to the tracks and ran the device over them. "Belongz to zomeone named "Davy" Albert explained. "Why does ...uhhh... "Devy" have same scent as Romulus?" Maul asked. I tried to hold my smile. "I don't know..." I replied. "Should ve follow tracks?" Maul asked. "No." I said, quickly. Everyone glanced at me. "Onward?" Mary asked. I nodded.

Chapter 15:
       The wizard

We breached into the mansion soldier Doe lived in. We walked in but there was a human with an eyepatch! "A human?!" I asked. He quickly turned into a snake... he had a red vest with bombs lined up across his shoulders. A door on the otherside of the mansion creaked open. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! DID YOU OPEN THE BOMBINOMICON AGAIN?!" The wizard asked. "No! some wee lasies jus' breached in and mad' more dust!" He replied, sweeping with a broom. The wizard was a giant Zealot snake with a black robe and some sort of deer skull on his head. He came down the stairs while in human form and came over to us. "Whats the meaning of this disturbance against NERASMUS?! I should sue you for this!" Nerasmus asked. "Umm... we're just looking for soldier Doe." I replied. "Doe... eh? well he was here a moment ago... he left sour cream on my front lawn again... and bloody racoons were here... he's off to do his job again." Nerasmus replied. "Wheres that?" I asked. "How should I know?! go ask Plutarch or something! unless you want to read the bombinomicon." Nerasmus threatened. I cluntched my teeth together. "Err... no thanks." I replied. "Then be gone!" Nerasmus ordered. I twitched my mouth and ordered  my crew to isolate. The Scottish man continued sweeping.

Chapter 16:
      Skipping ahead.

 My eye twitched. "We waited 3 blasted days reaching here!" I said. "Da, I say we skip ahead, to zezom Raleigh?" Maul voted. "I agree." I said. "Raise hands if ye' agree to skip Doe." Hawk ordered. Everyone raised their hands or paws. "Alright, lets head out... to Raleigh!" I said. Everyone cheered.

Once the crew went to sleep after a taste-quenching meal from Chef. I went over to my master bed and gone to sleep.

Chapter 17:
            Ingun abduction

I woke up. It was still night. I heard muffled screaming. I got up and raised an eyebrow. I equipped my paw claws and went outside. I didn't see anyone. I stepped foward and felt something on my paw. I glanced down but was snatched into a net.  "Oi!" I yelled. I started getting dragged and put in a cloth bag! Seeing nothing but dark cloth in my face. I saw shadowy figures come over to me and drag me to the edge of the boat. They pushed me off and I began screaming.

I was grabbed, I breathed heavily from screaming so loudly. I was put in a smaller boat and saw I wasn't alone. I was with a bunch of others bags. I began hearing a muffled voice on my right. "Oi! get over 'ere! so I can slice ye' little neck!" Hawk threatened. "Hawk, is that you?!" I asked. I began hearing everyone's voice. But I didn't hear Maul's neither Mary or Rouge. Rouge was no surprise though. We began sailing. "Where are you taking us?!" I asked. They didn't reply... whoever they were. I struggled to escape the bag but it was tightly sealed. Where we sailed... I'm not sure. But the struggling made me tired.

Chapter 18:
         Quest from the ingun

I woke up. I was tied to a pole with rope. I was in a sitting position. I looked to my right, tents surrounded us... they looked like teepees. Maul, Hawk, and Chef were tied to the same pole on my right. On my left, Mary and Rouge were there on the same pole. Several blood snakes came over to us with native American armor. "Ingun." Mary said. "Actually, they're native American." I said. The cheif went over to us. "You look like your crew is a family... do you work for Captain Hook?" The cheif asked. "Captain Hook? don't be silly now, mate... we don't even know 'em." Hawk replied. The cheif twitched his mouth. An old wolf came over to me,. He too, had native American armor. "Is he lying, shaman?" The cheif asked. The shaman went over to me. "Do you work for captain Hook?" The shaman asked. I sighed deeply, I knew he was an Earth mother druid so I can't lie... he'll see right pass it. "No." I firmly replied. He remained silent for a second. "He isn't." The shaman said. The cheif smiled. "Cut them loose." He ordered. Two blood snakes went over to me with knives and cut me loose. We all gathered around the cheif. "Apoligizes, strangers. I am the cheif, my name is "burning fire" I lead this tribe." He said. "My name is Remus, this is my crew." I ordered my crew to introduce themselves. "Maul." Maul introduced himself, pounding his chest as a salute. "Hawk, mate." Hawk saluted. "Chef." Chef saluted. "Mary." Mary saluted. "Rouge." Maul introduced Rouge for her. Rouge saluted. "You all have weird names... but I would not argue. We need help." The cheif hesitated. The shaman came over. "We've been invaded by someone named "Captain Hook" ever since, he has kidnapped princess "flowing river." and we need to rescue her." He said. "Well... I guess you natives got your mercenaries... but what'll you give us in return?" I asked. "We ambushed one of his squads... we managed to get weapons we don't know how to use them." He replied. "Show me." I ordered.  Two snakes went over to us with the weapons. One looked like a machine gun. The other was a two-handed mace. "They'll be yours, if this one helps." He said. "Alright, you got a deal." I said. I nodded to my crew. They gave us our weapons and we set out to find captain Hook and rescue their princess.

Chapter 19:
        Winged Hawk

Captain Hook lived in Europe. Meanwhile. We were sitting near the dining table. We already had our meals but Albert was presenting something. "Was a hawk withzhout wings? what iz schneckens without a shell? I'd like to introduce zou to..." Albert pulled out a very large jetpack-like gadget. "... Die hawk wings 8750!" The snakes of our crew clapped their hands. "What does it do?" I asked. "Zit enables a snake to fly at will." Albert replied. "Really?!" I asked in excitment. "Ja, zis a gift for Hawk." Albert pointed at Hawk. Hawk smiled. "Thanks mate, but that's a lil' flatterin'." Hawk said. "Put zit on, lets see you fly." Albert ordered. Hawk stood up and put the hawk wings on. "Lets get to deck, there, we see Hawk fly." Maul suggested. "Good zidea." Albert replied. We all went up to the deck.

Chapter 20:
        High in the sky.

We all were a few steps away from Hawk. Albert taught Hawk how to use it. "Zis is simple to control... zit runs on brain power. Zou need to imagine yourzelf like a bird. Zhink how it's like up dere... free." Albert hesitated while looking at the sky. "Sounds easy enough." Hawk said. Albert put a headphone of some sort on his head. "Iz all set... now Hawk... fly!" Albert ordered. Standing close to Hawk. Hawk's paper wings emerged from the jetpack and they started flapping. All of our jaws slowly dropped. Hawk started lifting from the ground. Fire from the jetpack helped him lift up. "Ja! zhats it! fly! fly like a bird!" Albert cheered. Hawk flew high enough to the point I can't reach him. "Good vork! now get down here!" Albert ordered. "Nah! I'm gonna try to reach the crow's nest, mate!" Hawk shouted. Albert gasped. "But, Hawk! die jetpack can't reach zuch an altitude above zea level!" Albert yelled. Hawk started flapping faster. All of us cheered but Albert was worried. His fists were clentched and jumping constantly while he stared at Hawk leveling slowly to the crow's nest. Hawk grabbed the crow's nest and we cheered louder. He gripped the crow's nest tighter and climbed in. All of us cheered so loud, it made me feel so proud on the inside. Hawk grabbed his crossbow and lifted it in the sky as if he conquered a horde of snakes or something. Albert cheered. Rouge only smiled. "Whats say we have extra dessert?" I asked Chef. "Alright, I guess the proud little tiki deserves it." Chef replied. Hawk jumped off the crow's nest and drifted down with his crossbow in his two hands. He aimed at a target Maul setted up and fired. A bullseye and he flew down without the slightest creak. We all went over to him and cheered at him. And we ate the best meal in honor of Hawk and Albert.

Chapter 21:
         Captain Hook.

We entered captain Hook's lair. There was a lever on a rock that was out of reach. And a gate blocked our way. "Hawk, looks like this is the perfect test for your hawk wings." I said. Hawk nodded and flew up to the lever. Onceh reached it. He pulled it and alarms blared. "Intruders in my lair?! Smi! send out the pirates! stop these imposters, whoever they are, from interferring with my plans." Hook ordered. Hawk went on scope with his crossbow. The gate opened slowly. "Incoming!" Hawk yelled. Hawk fired one shot and I wasn't sure if he got one... but he never misses so I was confident. Maul pushed us all aside and pulled out his cutlass. Chef tossed a cleaver at one of them from behind Maul. Chef was a good thrower. The cleaver hit one of them. "Nice throw." I commented. The pirates approached and got close. Maul tried to hold them at bay. Hawk fired at one that was aiming at me. "Thanks!" I yelled. Chef pulled out two cleavers and defended himself. I defended Rouge. Rouge was not one to combat face-to-face. One blood pirate swung a cutlass at me. I dodged and stabbed his body. He grunted but pushed me. Rouge and I tried to intimidate them but they were still holding their ground. Hawk fired at the one I stabbed earlier. There was now four pirates surrounding us. One swung at Rouge. Rouge dodged. I stabbed that one who swung at Rouge and he managed to bleed. There was three pirates now. Maul came over to us and protected us from the three pirates. One pirate swung their cutlass down on me. Maul blocked it and I stabbed the the pirate multiple times. The other pirates swung at me but I dodged. That pirate I was stabbing fell and we concentrated on the other two. A crossbow bolt went through one of their heads and now one stood. Chef went over to us and tossed a cleaver at the pirate. The pirate dodged but Maul swung at him and cut him. The pirate fell and we moved on. Hawk flew over us with his hawk wings. "You think he's enjoying that?" I asked Maul. "Da, is nice to be in sky." Maul replied. Hawk drifted down to us and landed. "It's good t'a be in the sky." Hawk said. "I bet." I said. We were closing on captain Hook.

My crew and I were on a rock high above sea level. We saw captain Hook and we crouched. He had two people with him. A devil cat and a snake that was tied in rope. "I think that's the princess." I said. "Hawk, can you shoot bad guy?" Maul whispered. Hawk nodded. Hawk aimed his crossbow but Mary grabbed the crossbow and put it down. "Can we, perchance, capture him? the natives would no doubt want him." Mary asked. I thought for a minute. "Sure... but how?" I asked. "Well... Hawk can fly over there and distract Hook... then Rouge can go down and capture him." Mary whispered. "I doubt that'll work." I replied. I looked around. There was a lever on a rock that looked like ours... just on the right side. "Maul... what do you think that lever does?" I asked. "From looks of it... is trap sir." Maul said. "Perfect." I said. "Rouge, I need you to pull that lever and prowl your way out... no doubt will it do something to alert captain Hook of our presence." I said. "How will that help princess in any way?" Maul asked. "Simple... you'll challenge him... lets see what he's capable of." I said. Maul smiled. "Sounds like plan." Maul said. "Rouge... if you were listening, you'd know what to do." I said. Rouge nodded and prowled over to the lever. We waited for an alarm. Once she pulled the lever, nothing happened. Then an explosion emitted! NEAR ROUGE! all of us stared in horror as she fell into the water! "Rouge!" I yelled. Captain Hook glanced at us. Hawk jumped into the water. Guards started coming from the entrance once Hawk did that. "We gotta hold them off!" I yelled. One of the pirates had a bow. Chef tossed a plate at him and stunned him. The pirates started attacking Maul but four came to me armed with cutlasses. I was on the border of the rock. Maul tried to go over to where I was but he surrounded, and so was Mary and Chef. Once one swung at me. I jumped into the water.

Chapter 22:
          A duel to the death

I hit the water and everything was growing dark. Blood escaped my body. But the water was getting more smaller. After several seconds. The water was completely drained. I coughed and got up. Captain Hook was right there. He grabbed me and started choking me against the rock. "You ruined my plans! killed almost all of me crew! I will kill you painfully for this!" Captain Hook said. I laid my right front paw on him and shoved him. He was shoved and I breathed heavily. On the brink of death. "Not today, no..." I said. I coughed out blood. Captain Hook laughed. "But what can you do?! you're not just nearly dead, you're already dead." He said, approaching me. I stood up and put on a stance. He pulled out a cutlass. "This ocean isn't big enough for the both of us!" He yelled. He swung at me. I dodged and stabbed him. He grunted but shoved me and swung his cutlass at me. I dodged but was on my back. He dropped his cutlass and turned into human form, and jumped with his feet staight at me. I rolled over to the right and he hit the rocks, landing on his back... I stabbed his chest. and he started bleeding. He coughed out blood and died slowly.

I heard applausing. I glanced up slowly to avoid the pain. Everyone was up there and clapping at me. I smiled but everything grew dark... and I fell over. Everyone stopped clapping and everything grew dark. "Remus?! Remus?!" I heard Mary from a distance..." Blackness was all I saw.

Chapter 23:
          Healing session.

"Clear!" I heard from a distance. I heard eletricity and I saw color... then darkness. My heart pumped slowly. "Clear!" Eletricity zapped my chest and I woke up again. Then darkness... my heart pumped faster. "Clear!" Eletricity zapped me and I breathed heavily throwing myself forward. However... I was pushed down. Maul was right there. I breathed more slowly but heavily. Mary and Albert were there too. Albert was holding shock panels. Mary smiled. "I breathed more softly. Albert held put his hand and stuck up two fingers. "How manzy fingerz am I holding zup?" Albert asked. "Two." I replied. Everyone smiled. "Is Rouge alright?" I asked. Hawk appeared in my vision, holding Rouge in his arms as if he were holding a... umm... "baby"." "She's fine, mate." Hawk said. Hawk put Rouge down. "Good." I said. I strained to get up but Albert pushed me down. "I'm afraid zou cannot get zup, captain." Albert said. "Yes, Albert is right, we still need to test to see if you're okay... we'll check your body in case anything hazardous entered your body... we'll check your body, head, legs, and anything else." Mary said. I gasped. "Not the legs, no... my legs are fine." I said. Everyone raised an eyebrow. "Why not, captain?" Mary asked. "My legs feel fine... don't check them... thats an order." I said. "What are you hidin' mate?" Hawk asked. "Nothing! whats with the third degree?!" I asked. "But captain-" "ISOLATE!" I ordered. Everyone hesitated due to the confusion but left the room. Only Mary was there. And she examined my body... and did not examine my legs.

After Mary was done. I walked outside. We were at that native American village. And our boat had dropped anchor here. I walked down the plank that led to the native American village. The cheif came over to me. "I see your friends have healed you." He said. "Yeah, they did... and we managed to get captain Hook... it's to bad we didn't capture him..." I said. The cheif snuffed. "It's okay... destiny is a funny thing... you cannot change what has happened." He replied. "Natives know of destiny?" I asked. He opened his mouth but the shaman came over to me. "We thank you very much! we have given your friends their rewards... but if we only had rags... we would give them to you, but we have nothing." The shaman said. I smiled. "Please, I'm flattered... but it's my honor to help you." I replied. "No, please! if you need anything, let us know..." The shaman said. I nodded.

Chapter 24:
        The way to zezom Raleigh

"Earth mother guide you all on your journey!" The shaman wished. we all waved and they waved back while we left. We stopped waving when they vanished and I went over to my diary desk. I read up on zezom Raleigh

Zezom Raleigh was born in the demon lands... he was the center of attention to Pheonix and therefore, he worked for him... but once they managed to escape... Raleigh escaped and sought revenge on all wolves. He started eating them. Chopping them to bits. He lived now lives in a place called "Well's triangle" in Europe. An inn that was in Rome. It's gonna be a long trip there...

A week later...

We made it to Europe. Albert and Mary embraced their home continent. So did I, I used to live in Paris. I was then brought to America later. "It's good to be home." Mary said. "Ja." Albert replied. We sailed inbetween Spain and Morocco into the Alboran sea. Ships were ported on docks left to right. However, I also saw many legionaries whipping snakes that were mining. We started sailing in on Italy.

Once we dropped anchor on the deck of Rome. We walked off the boat. "Some people need to stay with the ship... we may have several storm pirates here who dropped a bounty on us." I ordered. "I'll stay." Chef said. "Mary, Rouge, Albert, and Hawk. You stay here to." I ordered. They all saluted and went back on the ship. "Lets go, Maul." I ordered. Maul nodded and followed me into the well's triangle.

Once we got into the inn. Maul slammed the door open. Everyone glanced at us. Two legionaries  with a zezom were on the other side of us. "How deleightful... we have a guest." Raleigh said. "Indeed, you have any food? I'm famished." I asked. Raleigh roared. One legionary tossed meat towards me. It landed in front of me and I ate it... it was horse meat. "So, I bet you expected us?" I asked. Maul closed the door and slithered behind me. "Yes, of course I did." He replied. "Then you'd tell everyone to disperse." I said. He was silent and we had a long stare. "Isolate! the inn is now closed!" Raleigh yelled. Everyone left, including the two legionaries. Raleigh turned into a brown devil cat that was very hairy. "So... shall we get it on?" He asked. "Yes." I said. He yawned. "No thanks." He said, turning around. He suddenly turned around and swiped at the table, the table flew towards us. I jumped but Maul got pushed by it. raleigh approached me, his leg was mechanical! "I will be the TRUE captain of the seas!" He yelled. "Lets find out!" I replied. He swiped his mechanical leg at me. I dodged. Maul icked up a barrel full of beer and tossed it at Raleigh. Raleigh got stunned and I started stabbing him in the stomach. He woke up and pushed me away. I was shoved back but held my ground. Raleigh started going after Maul. Maul pulled out his mallet and slammed in down on Raleigh. Raleigh dodged it and got Maul's mallet into the ground. He started stabbing Maul while he was occupied with his mallet. I ran over to Maul to help him but Maul let go of the mallet and punched Raleigh. Raleigh flew toward the wall and I approached him slowly. He coughed out blood. "Please! have... mercy!" He said. I was filled with rage, stabbing Maul left me no choice. I stabbed him in the chest.

Raleigh coughed out blood. "Blast it all! you beaten me!" He said. I begin to realize what I done. "I-I'm sorry... I was filled with anger." I confessed. "Sorry...?" He coughed out blood before continuing. "...I hope theres a chain with your name on it in the demon lands..." He said. "I said I'm sorry." I repeated firmly. "Sorry doesn't count where I come from..." Raleigh replied. I opened my mouth but he died right there. I left the inn without a word.

Once I got back to the ship. Albert slithered over to me. "Revus, captain, my telsa gun was stolen!" Albert reported. "Telsa gun?" I asked. "Ja, my telsa gun, one of vy first inventions..." Albert replied. I twitched my mouth. "We'll find it, Albert." I said, nodding. "I trust zou, captain." Albert said. Me, Maul, and Albert returned to the ship.

Chapter 25:
         The location

My crew and I were ready... to face Romulus once and for all.

"Any luck?" I asked. Albert was on a computer, typing endlessly. "No, oh wait!" Albert started typing more rapidly. "Yes! I got zit!" Albert yelled. Everyone gathered. "He's here." Albert pointed on the screen. "Somevhere in the Hudson bay. East of Manitoba in Canada." Albert said. "I always wanted to visit Op'Hillie." Maul said. "Yeah, we can visit Teris and all those places AFTER we defeat Romulus... once this is over... well, it was a pleasure meeting you all." I said. "No worries mate, I'll always remember you guys and gals." Hawk said. Maul scoffed. "Yes, I'll move back to Hawaii and have a hukilai everyday with my beautiful girl." Chef said. "Looks like we all got plans... lets do it!" I cheered. Everyone cheered.

We sailed through the northern atlantic ocean and made it to Rhode island. We started going around the land once we reach Rhode island. Many ships were docked along the bays.

Chapter 26:
            Old friends

Once we reached Boston in Massachusets, we were stopped by a familiar ship. A blood snake was waving at us. "Whos that?" I asked. I took my time to identify his face. I then remembered. "Thats Sid!" I shouted. Maul came over to me. "Stop the ship." I ordered. Maul nodded and dropped anchor near the dock that Sid was at. Maul dropped the ramp and I stepped down to the dock. Tod came down too. At first, we were silent... then we both saluted. And we started laughing. "Good to see you, Tod!" I said. "Aye, you wish to trade?" Tod asked. "Err... no, I just wanted to say hi." I replied. "Okay, but we'h need ye' pa'." Tod said. "What? my pa is long gone." I said. "No, no, I mean we'h need ye' help lad." He repeated. "Oh! okay, what is it?" I asked. "There's a band o' pirate lassies that stolen some of me'h supplies." Tod said. "So, what? you want me to rough them up?" I asked. "Nah, just presuade 'em tah give 'em back, ye' can hurt 'em if ye' wanna." Tod said. "Alright, that's our specialty." I said. "Alrigh'! the wee lassies be at

Chapter 27:
        Pirate talkin'.

My crew and I found the pirates Tod was talking about in a inn not far from the dock. A band of pirates at at table playing goldfish. I approached with Maul. "And who be these bags of vomit that dare approach captain Theoierous  Nuishim II?!" He asked. "Remus, best captain at sea." I replied. He drank a mug of rum but then spat it out and coughed, hacking at the same time. "Remus?!" He asked, coughing. "Well, why didn't ye' say so in the first place?! what can I do for ya'?" He asked. "I need you to give back some supplies to my friend, Tod." I replied. He was silent for his head was in the game. "Do ye' have any twos?" One of his crew mates asked. "No, gold fish." Theoierous replied. That crew mate collected a card. "So, ye' want me... to give back me supplies to that bushy-tailed vermin?" Theoierous asked. "Correct." I replied, nodding. He smiled. "Move aside, shipmates, we have a new man playin' the game!" He said. The crew mates put down the card and made a chair for me. But they quit once I sat down. There was now a chess board in front of me. "Ye' be white, if ye' win... I'll be givin' Tod back his supplies." Theoierous offered. "Alright." I said. "But! if I win, ye' be givin' your title to me." He offered. I was silent for a moment. "Deal." I said. Since I was white side. I get to have the first move. "I be understoodin' that ye' have paws, so why not ask that landlubber over there to move yer chess pieceres for ye'?" He suggested. That wasn't a bad idea... from a pirate. I thought for a moment.

I ordered Maul to move my pawn on the far left two spaces foward. He thought for a moment and moved his pawn that was right in front of his king two spaces foward. I thought for a moment and moved my rook foward on the far left. He cluntched his right fist and put it under his chin. "What are ye' up to?" He asked. He moved his queen in front of his king... my rook having be in it's range. I moved the pawn in front of the knight foward so the bishop protected the rook alongside the knight. He thought for a moment. I noticed that he had a bishop alongside the queen... it's a good thing my knight was here. He moved the pawn in front of his (white block) bishop foward one space. I thought for a moment... what was he up to? I moved my knight on the right to the left... the pawn he moved earlier was now vulnerable... under the queen protection though. He moved that pawn forward and his pawn can now attack my knight. I thought for a second. And I moved that knight to the left of his pawn. "Fine move, shipmate." He said. He moved that pawn that in front of his bishop foward and my knight was once again vulnerable. I moved the knight to the left of that pawn. He instantly moved the pawn in front of his rook (white block) forward... and my knight was vulnerable. I moved my knight to the empty space that was in front of his bishop. "Check." I said. He moved his king to the right. I moved my knight to the right of his pawn and now... his queen was vulnerable. He moved his queen forward one space. I moved my pawn that was in front of my bishop (black block) forward two spaces to protect my knight. He put his right knight behind his queen. I thought for a second and ordered Maul to move my left knight behind the pawn protecting the knight... He thought for a second. He attacked the knight anyway using his knight. I used my pawn to destroy his knight... he moved his queen forward one space to attack the knight guarding the pawn. Which was silly because the knight was protected too. I moved my queen behind the knight. He attacked my knight and I destroyed his queen. He chuckled. "Forgive me, I haven't played chess in a long time." He said. I chuckled. "Nothing wrong." I replied. He moved the pawn in front his knight (black block) twice spaces forward.  I moved the pawn in front of my king forward one space forward so that the bishop (white block) can protect the pawn in front of the rook. He thought for a second and attacked the pawn anyway. I attacked his pawn using my rook. He moved the rook on his right forward one space. I thought for a second and moved my bishop (black block) to the point where I can attack the pawn that was protected by his bishop (black block). I smiled. He moved his rook to protect his pawn and I frowned. I ordered Maul to move the rook forward one space. and I got him. He moved the pawn in front of his king forward. I moved my pawn forward and he attacked it usingthat pawn I was after. I used my queen to destroy that pawn. He moved his rook to the right one space. I moved my rook to the right one space to protect my queen.

He smiled and then grabbed a piece but then, the door slamemd open. We all glanced at the source. Three storm pirates were right there. "What?! storm pirates, here?!" Theoierous asked. "Yeah, you got a problem?" They asked. I stood up. "Yeah, we do." I said.Their eyes grew. "What is he doing here?!" He asked. Theoierous stood up and unsheathed his cutlass. Everyone in the inn stood up and unsheathed thier weapons. "You will all regret your ignorance." The storm pirate said. They closed the door and unsheathed their weapons. We all attacked. One quickly fell, dead. The other two stood their ground. I stabbed one and Theoierous stabbed the same and he fell. The last one swung at one of the wolves in the inn. Luckily, that wolf dodged. Theoierous grabbed his shoulder and shoved his cutlass through his body. And the last storm pirate was dead. Theoierous went over to me. "Alright matey, I'll give Tod back his loot." Theoierous said. "Alright!" I said. "Earth mother guide ye' mateys." He said, saluting. I saluted back. "Lets go." I ordered Maul. Maul nodded and we both left.

Chapter 28:
        The finale

A week later...

We arrived at the Hudson bay. And it was huge! But... there was only one ship... I could tell that it was Romulus's ship... but where are the other ships? why aren't there any other ships around? We sailed in closer to the target. And once we appraoched it... no resistance... nothing...

Me, Maul, Rouge, and Chef boarded it. "Search the deck and blow it... something fishy is going on here." I said. "Da." Maul agreed. "Nothin' goin' on, Remus!" Hawk yelled. "I know." I yelled back. I looked at the captain's quarters. I went over to it and grabbed the door. I pulled, locked. "Maul!" I shouted. Maul went over to it. He grabbed the door latch and pulled. Locked. He then pulled out his mallet and broke the door down. He sheathed his mallet and we both went inside.

Romulus wasn't as sloppy as I thought. His captain's quarters was dusted recently... But there was blood on his desk. "Wow... is this fake?" I asked. Maul put his finger into it. "Nyet." Maul replied. Everyone went inside the captain's quarters. "We searched everywhere, no Romulus." Chef said. "Heck, there's no othe' ship 'round here." Hawk said. "Not the slightest soul on this vessal." Mary said. "Calm down! he was probably expecting us." I said. "I don't zhink so." Albert said. Albert examined the blood. "This blood zhere isn't dry... and my device zays it's recent." Albert said. "Perhaps a bandit?" I asked. "I doubt zhat." Albert said. Hawk pulled out his crossbow. "What is it, Hawk?" I asked. "What is that?" Hawk asked. Something was in the ocean... a coffin? "It's a coffin, mate." Hawk said. Everyone looked outside the window. "Retrieve that coffin! and maybe it'll contain something we-" A door suddenly opened. All of us glanced back. There was a shadowy figure right there... a wolf shadow, so much light blocked him though."Help... me... please..." He said, weakly. He was suddenly visable. It was... ROMULUS! "Romulus?" I asked. His legs... were gone... instead, four sticks held him up. "Please..." He said. All of us stared in horror. "What happened to your legs?" I asked, disgusted. He fell off the sticks and I walked over to him. "D-D-D..." He breathed heavily. Mary went over to him. Mary then put something on his chest that allowed him to breath more softly... "What did that do?" I asked. "It allowed the ol' chap to regain breath faster... though... how did this happen?" Mary asked. "D... Davy..." He replied, weakly.

Chapter 29:
          It's not the end yet...

"Davy? that sounds familiar." Mary said.  "I don't care, lets get him patched up so that he can tell us who did this... demonic action." Mary said. Maul slid his hands under Romulus but the ship suddenly shook. Romulus coughed out blood. "He- He's comi- comi- coming..." He said. "Who? Davy?" I asked. I suddenly heard chatter. My ears raised. All of us looked outside of the breached door. A Zealot snake appeared in sight. "LOOK! SURVIVORS!" He yelled. Pheonix snakes, Zealot snakes, purple devil cats, devil cats, and Medusa snakes started appearing and slowly approached us. "Whats going on?" I asked. They all pulled out weapons and then engaged us, battle crying. And everything grew dark...

I woke up. We all were in a dark room. But I can see them... all of those snakes and devil cats... smiling at us. "Who are you? what do want?" I asked. One gray devil cat approached me. "Wow... you have grown." He said. He sounded... familiar. "Are you... Davy?" I asked. "Yes... what? you don't recognize me?" He asked. "No." I replied. "What do you want, mate?" Hawk asked. "I want the same thing you want, Remus...  revenge." Davy said. "How do you know me?" I asked. "Lets just say... we had a certain past." He replied. I gasped, my eyes growing and ears raising. "You're... Davy." I said. "Uuuh... da, we got that." Maul said. "No! I mean... he's my brother..." I said. Everyone was surprised.

Chapter 30:
                The truth:

"Good, you're seeing the light." Davy said, clicking one his claws against the ground, it was a mechanical leg. "What happened to your leg?" I asked. Davy's jaw opened but Albert suddenly yelled out something. "Remus, zou tell ve was going on and was going on NOW!" Albert demanded. "Oh... you still didn't tell them." He asked. "No... I didn't want to." I replied. "Well then... tell them now, or else you'll end up like Romulus." I said. I suddenly started seeing pictures of that event... my leg getting cut off by that cage... I grunted. "Tell them now!" Davy yelled. "Okay!" I yelled back. I twitched my mouth. Two Pheonix snakes turned me around while bound and made me face my crew in the eyes... "My crew... I... I left Davy." I confessed. "Tell them the whole story." Davy demanded. I swallowed. "Okay..." I sighed.

Chapter 31:
     What really happened...

Paris, France...

I was playing with my brothers and sister... chasing them and being chased. "Tag! you're it!" I said, touching Niki, our only sister. I started getting chased and I ran over to Romulus. Our parents watched us and smiled. And our person, Nate... watched us as well... Nate was 14 years old, and he petted me as I hid behind him.

A week later...

The TV was on the news. And it showed a footage of the order. "We hereby ban all religions and beliefs, Christianity, Jewism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddahusim, and Druidism." The order leader announced. "Religion? what does that mean ma?" I asked. Nate can hear me because I took the Pon Peter's English adaption shot a few days ago. "A religion is a belief in gods, and Nate is a Christian." Mom replied. "Thats right... and no order will tell me what not to believe in!" Nate said.

The day after that...

"Move up!" A riot guard ordered. A shield wall of riot police formed with riot shields. And I saw many Jews, Christians, druids, even Muslims, Hindus,  and Buddas. Crowding around, tossing bottles and boots at the police. The sky was dark but it seemed red. Red flares lit, warning the riot to isolate. The crowd didn't even move. They just kept shouting and tossing glass bottles at the riot police. "Get out of here!" Someone yelled. The riot bashed tried to bash the crowd with their shields... but then, I saw the riot police pull out stick-like things. Dad covered my eyes using his paw and then... I heard thunder and screaming.

The day after that...

We walked slowly through the blizzard... I shivered a lot,  and nothing could get my mind off the freezing embrace. I felt like dying.

Luckily, we managed to find a cave. "Lets go!" Dad ordered. We kept our paste and moved towards the cave... and it wasn't occupied. And from there, we survived.

2 months laters...

Me and my brothers and sister were playing with each other. We were now the size of dad's legs. But then, we heard thunder... and it sounded like the same one 2 months ago. All of us froze. Glaring at the entrance. We saw the shadow of a human at the entrance. And he was carrying a stick longer then the ones in the riot 2 months ago. He pointed it at us but our dad leapt at him and bit his neck. That man fell but two other humans came. Our dad leapt at another but then, the other human's stick thundered... and our dad fell. "Dad?" I asked. "These wolves talk!" One hunter said. Five other humans came to mouth of the cave. "We can sell them for hundreds..." One hunter suggested. All of them grabbed us and tossed us in crates. "Hey! Davy? Romulus?! Niki?! MOM?! DAD?!" I yelled. "Right here, Remus." Davy said. "I'm okay!" Romulus said.  "Wheres mom? wheres dad?" I asked. I  felt alone... it was dark once the humans closed the crate. I felt lonely... and I heard a truck run and rumbling.

A few weeks later...

I was alone... not knowing where I was. And all that surrounded me... was darkness. I hated those humans... I really did. I was growing slowly. All they did was feed us and give us water. And I felt our crates being carried... and then, a few weeks later... I was carried again. And then I felt rumbling and shaking. I sighed. I can hear mom's voice. I loved mother more then anyone, and loved my father the same way but wasn't my dad's favorite... his second, maybe. But not his most favorite. I was mother's favorite. I can remember Nate too... it was shame... really... he died during the riot. Holes were punched through Nate's chest... and he was lying... dead, just in a lake of corpses in that riot. Suddenly. The shaking became more violent. And I felt myself drifting and falling. "Woah!" I screamed. And then... I crashed out of the crate and into snow? I got up and shook off. "Niki? Romulus?" I asked. "Over here." Davy said. "Oh thank goodness." I said. "I'm okay." Romulus said. "Wheres Niki?" I asked. Everyone looked around. She was gone... "Great." I said. "So... what do we do now? without mom or dad... we'll die out here." Davy said. We all glanced at a nearby city... cars were everywhere. "Lets find somewhere to live... we'll ransack this place to find any food and water." I replied. "Sounds like a plan, lets go!" Romulus said. We all stood up and looked towards the big city... which is New York city.

"So... is that what happened?" Maul asked. I sighed. "Yes." I said. "Tell them what happened to me." Davy ordered. I sighed. "Fine." I said.

a year later...
We entered a house through a hole. It looked very clean. "Romulus, cover the stairs." I whispered, pointing my paw towards a staircase. He nodded and went over to the stairs. "Davy... ransack the fridge." I whispered. He nodded and went over to the fridge. Once he opened it, he smiled. He took something with his mouth and passed it to me. I bit it and put in a mobile cart we stole to carry stuff. Davy gave me another piece of food and I put that in the cart. Suddenly, there was thumping. "Close the fridge!" I whispered. Davy quickly slammed it and the thumping stopped. "Come over here!" I mouthed to Davy. Davy nodded and came over to me. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!" A human female screamed. She was wearing a red silk dress that looked like a night-dress. Romulus ran into the hole and I ran into it before him. Davy was last but got grabbed. I turned around and grabbed his chest fur using my mouth. "Romulus! help me!" I yelled, muffled. I heard, felt, and saw nothing. I pulled harder but the human was tough. I lost hope and let go. "Noooo!" Davy screamed as I ran... I felt guilt ever since.

Chapter 32:

"Why did you keep the truth from us?" Mary asked. "I felt guilt... I never wanted to remember my parents." I replied. "And now you do..." Davy said. "So... what do you want, Davy?" I asked. "I want you to pay... you owe me a debt... six perfect souls." He replied. "Six?" I asked. "Yes, six, heres the list... once you give your debt... you're free to go." Davy explained. Davy nodded to two Zealot snakes and the two zealots snakes gave the list. The list said:

-Juggernaut Xuies
-Medicine man Guro
-Issac Pon Peter

"Sounds easy enough." I said. "Good, get going... or else you'll end up like Romulus." Davy threatened. "So, your leg?" I asked. "Once they took me, they sliced it off and replaced it." Davy replied. Davy grabbed my left paw with his mechanical paw. "Eight days." He said. Making something on my paw. He let go and they vanished into the darkness. I looked at my paw... a black spot. My eyes grew. Somehow, the rope that binded me shattered and so did everyone else's. We all stood up and stretched. "Alright, lets get this over with." I said. They all nodded and left. I felt total regret for not telling them the truth ever since.

Chapter 33:
       The juggernaut

Day one,

While traveling to Finland. Albert did research on juggernaut Xuies... his real name is Exion... however, he decided to change his name once he set up a fortress, not far from Torku.

Juggernaut Xuies used to be a human, living in Australia, Brisbane. He had everything he wanted... his family was rich but... he felt pointless. Once on the brink of suiciding. The order managed to ruin him and his quest began for revenge. After growing up. He surrendered himself to Medusa and said that he was very strong. Heck, his main weapon of choice is a huge two-handed mace. In fact, he keeps a giant quiver full of maces, so that he can throw them! He has a very strong neck posture because of the heavy weight he wears. Right now, he's using his brute strength to capture any remaining order and pratice his throwing while at his fort in Finland, not far from Torku.

Chapter 34:

Once we reached Torku... the whole city was deserted... not a single sign of life. We dropped anchor. Me, Maul, Rouge, and Hawk got off. We started walking around... and once we got to the next block. We saw snakes. They had imperial Medusa armor. And were holding crossbows. Once we got near them. One aimed at me. "Move along!" He ordered. We remained silent and moved along. But I started noticing something... there were humans! they were surrounding humans! And from the looks of it... they were mining dirt. We found one snake with spartan armor. "Pardon me?" I asked. He glanced at me. "Yes, yes, what is it?" He asked. "Why are there humans right there?" I asked. "They are several humans from the order... we decided to make them mine dirt until they started dying of old age. Only then will we allow them to stride freely." He replied. "But why dirt?" I asked. He shrugged. "It was Medusa's orders." He replied. "Alright, thanks." I said. He nodded. We passed by him. "Was that... umm... Zanzos?" I asked. Hawk chuckled. "Nah." Hawk replied. "Oh... alright." I said. We headed for juggernaunt Xuies' fort.

Once we reached it... we crouched to remain out of sight... There a guard on the wall. "Hawk, can you take that one on?" I whispered. Hawk nodded and pulled out his crossbow. He loaded it and aimed... after several seconds Hawk fired and a solid headshot. "Move up." I whispered. We all silently moved towards the wall. Rouge prowled and scouted ahead. She vanished for a few seconds but then shown herself. She nodded and we moved inside. It was so quiet though. Once we opened the door, we moved inside without the slightest creak. However. Maul was still behind me, holding the door open while we moved in. "Maul? what are you doing?" I whispered. "Is Chef." Maul whispered back. I raised an eyebrow and squinted at where Maul was looking at. It WAS CHEF! He was waving and slithering over to us fast, waving. He finally reached us and breathed heavily. He opened his mouth. "C-c-c..." He breathed more heavily. "Don't kill yourself trying to talk, breath first then let it out." I whispered. He breathed some more and then spoke. "Can I come with you?" He asked. I glanced at Maul and he nodded at me. "Alright, you can." I replied. He smiled and we snuck in.

Chapter 35:
        Victory comes with a price...

We marched through rooms full of corpses of Medusa snakes... and they all looked like the one we killed at the wall of the fort. "Whats going on here?" I whispered. I suddenly bumped into Hawk. I opened my mouth but nothing came out as I looked in front of Hawk. Rouge was prowling forward. We remained still until she nodded to us. We moved forward but then, she slid to the right. We all raised an eyebrow but a giant two-handed mace suddenly crashed into the spot she was on! All of us ran in like idiots. And there was juggernaut Xieus. "Fools! you step into the lair of Xieus!" He yelled. Maul pulled out his mallet and we all put on battle stances. He pulled out another mace and tossed it at us. We dodged and Hawk fired at his head. He put both of his arms together and blocked the crossbow bolt using his steel wrist-gaunlets. Once he blocked the bolt. He grabbed another mace from his quiver and threw at Hawk. Hawk dodged and Chef tossed a hatchet at Xieus. Xieus's shoulder got hit by the hatchet but he grunted. He pulled it out and threw at me. I hid behind a stone pillar. Once the hatchet hit the pillar. I looked at the hatchet. I pulled it out but... dang! it dug deep into the pillar... and the pillar was made of STONE. I gave Chef back the hatchet but I heard another mace hit the pillar. The pillar started crashing down on us. Chef ran but I froze in fear. I closed my eyes but after several seconds. I opened my eyes. Maul was holding the pillar. "Go!" Maul said. I smiled but ran. Maul put the pillar down but the roof, I could tell... can collapse at any seconds now. We hid behind another pillar. I glanced at Hawk. He fired another crossbow bolt at Xieus. I glanced around the pillar. He blocked it but grunted at the same time. He turned around and I saw him grab something. It was Rouge! He rammed Rouge into the wall while holding her neck. He was choking her! Hawk fired another crossbow bolt at his neck this time. It hit his neck and he let go of Rouge. Rouge breathed heavily. "Thats it!" He yelled. He tossed a mace at Hawk and it got him! "Hawk! I yelled. Running out of cover. I glanced over at Xieus once he did that. He grabbed Rouge by the neck and pulled out something. It was a clockwork gun! "Come on, Hawk! get up!" I said, urgently. He strained to get up but he grunted and lied back down. I saw the life bars on the Clockwork gun become full and he aimed at me, holding Rouge in one hand... and the Clockwork gun in the other. I stood in front of Hawk so I can block the shot. The barrel of the Clockwork gun glew green and fired... and time slowed down. The bullet slowly traveled to me. I began thinking of my life... every since thing I regret. Leaving Niki in that crate. Lying to my own crew. I closed my eyes. But then, I got pushed! I was shoved and then. I heard the bullet collide. But no scream.

Chapter 36:
      Was it worth it?

I got up. Rouge was okay. I glanced at Hawk. He wasn't breathing. I went over to him. "Hawk?" I asked. He didn't answer... yet. I can still feel his heart pump. He wasn't bleeding anywhere either. I glanced at where he was looking at. A trail of blood led to Chef. I went over to Chef. His body formed a U on the floor. My face turned pale once I saw him. He had a hole in him... from his chest out of his back. The hole was right near his heart. "C-Chef?" I asked. He didn't reply.  Maul slithered on the right of me. He was silent but his jaw was open. "Maul, we have to get Chef back to the ship! now!" I ordered. He nodded. He picked Chef up and put him on his shoulder. He returned to the ship without me. I checked on Hawk and Rouge. I first checked Hawk. His jaw was closed and he was still breathing... at least. "Get up, Hawk." I ordered. He sighed and got up. I checked on Rouge. "You okay, Rouge?" I asked. She nodded while on the ground. "Lets go, gotta check up on Chef." I said. She got up and we returned to the ship.

We all sat there... silent. In Mary's office waiting for some news. The clock ticked slowly. Hawk was playing with his thumbs. Maul had his face buried in his hand. Rouge had her eyes closed and was standing tall. "Clear!" Mary yelled, muffled because the door was closed. We heard a shock and then... nothing. I heard Mary sigh and then footsteps. The door opened slowly. We all glared at Mary, hoping for luck. None of us dared to blink. She stared at us back with a frown. She closed her eyes and walked outside. I sighed. I got up and checked on Chef.

Once I got in. Albert was there, sitting there. He had his face covered with both of his hand. And in front of him was the patient chair... where Chef was. Albert sighed and stood up, revealing his face. "Zhe only has a few more zeconds." Albert said. I opened my mouth but nothing came out. He nodded, understanding me and left the room... closing the door behind him. I sat down at the chair he was at. I stared at Chef's eyes. And I could tell he was saying, I'm sorry. I sighed. "You didn't have to do that." I said. Chef's eyes narrowed and he smiled slightly. I smiled but then frowned. I sighed. "You were a good snake, Chef." I said. His smile faded. I can't tell what he was gesturing. He lifted his hand slightly and put up his index finger. And then started waving it left and right. "No sorrys?" I guessed. He shook his head left and right, saying 'no'. He pointed his thumb at himself. "What are you saying? of course you're a good snake, Chef!" I defended. He put his hand on the chair he was sitting on. He relaxed. "I killed thousands..." He said, raspy. "No, you didn't, Chef." I said. He looked at me... and I knew he was  right. He did kill thousands. I gave up. I sighed. "Rest well, in the Earth mother's garden." I wished. He nodded and then... froze. "Chef?" I asked. He didn't respond. I opened my mouth slightly but then closed it. I laid my toes on his eye lids and closed his eyes and snatched at his dog tags... I snapped them off and glanced at the heart monitor. It was a straight line. I sighed, stood up, and left the room without a word.

Once I went on deck, I raised my head and saw my crew staring at me... silent. "What... now?" Maul asked, slowly. I thought for a moment. "We're going to Hawaii... to eat." I replied. The crew hesitated and went back to work. We set sail to Hawaii.

Chapter 37:
          Lunch at Hawaii

A day later...

We set anchor at Hawaii... Many gray wolves were on the dock, waiting for our arrival. They knew us and we knew them... ever since we arrived here. Once the plank dropped to the dock. Many wolves came over to us. Crowding us. "Wheres Chef?" All of them kept asking. I sighed... all of them awaited an answer. "KIA..." I replied. All of their smiles turned upside-down. I remained silent too and walked passed them to their lemonade cafe.

Once we reached the lemonade cafe. I went over to a table, my crew followed me. We sat down at a 6 seated table. Maul twitched his mouth. "So... what now?" Maul asked. "Now... we eat... and set out to find this "Raven" dude." I replied. Hawk chuckled. "Another bird 'ere mate?" Hawk joked. Everyone at the table chuckled. However, I saw two snakes and a wolf go onto a slightly higher platform. The two snakes had ukuleles, the wolf stood in front of them. My crew noticed what I was looking at and stared at the same direction. The two that had ukuleles started playing. And the wolf started strafing to the right. "Oh we're goinnnnng.... to a hukilau." The snake on the right sang. The wolf started strafing to the right after about three to four steps to the left. "Dis is favorite song, of Chef's, da?" Maul asked. I remained speechless and stared at the act. It was Chef's favorite song... he loved going to hukilaus... thats how he got so much into food and outdoors... thats why he came WITH US. "It- it is." I replied after about ten seconds. After several minutes. They all stopped, took a bow, and left the stage. Everyone clapped, including my crew. "Would you like so some lemonade?" Someone asked. I glanced (while startled) at whoever asked that. A small gray wolf was right next to me. "Yes, can I have some lemonade, please?" I asked. She nodded. "Anything else?" She asked. "I'll have pinapple!" Maul requested. She smiled and nodded. "Bannanas, danke sie." Albert said, resting the back of his head on the back of chair. She nodded. "Apples, please." Mary said. I glanced at Hawk... he was circling his finger along a plate. I coughed for attention. Hawk looked up at me. "What would you like, Hawk?" I asked. Hawk stood up straight. "Lemonade, please." Hawk said. "Alright, I'll get your orders in a second." She said. She walked away and I looked at Hawk. "It wasn't your fault, you know." I said. He scoffed. "It is mate, if it weren't for me, mate... he wouldn't be dead." He said. "But if it weren't for him you would be dead." I replied. He shook his head. "I don't care... am I more useful then him?" Hawk asked. I sighed. I opened my mouth but Rouge shook her head at me. I raised an eyebrow and she tapped on Hawk's shoulder. Hawk glanced at Rouge and Rouge gave him a firm look. Hawk began smiling and Rouge smiled as well. "Thanks, Rouge." Hawk said. She nodded and they both minded their own buisness. Once the she-wolf came back, she handed us our orders and bidded farewell. "We'll leave the doubloons on the table once we leave." I said. She nodded and left. Albert was resting his head on his hand... while his elbow was on the table. "Zo... Remus, iz dere any other zecrets you're hiding?" Albert asked. Everyone stared at me. I sipped my lemonade and laid it on the table. "No." I replied. Albert clapped his hands. "Good!" He said. Everyone went back to eating and drinking. Mary scooted closer then me. "Are you really hiding a secret?" She asked. I twitched my mouth. "Yes..." I replied.

Chapter 38:
       The raven

Day two,

After we buried Chef on the beach of Hawaii. We set sail to meet this "Raven". Albert did research on him... and apparently... he is very similar to Hawk. Except, before the great invasion, he was a human... until he became a Zealot snake. He was born in the shadow realm, blessed by Zealot to have shadow wings. He apparently wished to fly as well... just like Hawk. His dream came true and he shows many cases of second-degree murders. Apparently, he vanished several years ago and there has been no cases of deaths ever since. The reason, he has been hiding, hired actually, by Davy and took cover while the great invasion was in motion. He now stays at Scotland, enjoying himself in fort William.
Once we arrived at Scotland, the docks of Greenrock. Hawk was mad. He was about to meet someone with his same desires. Hawk cleaned his crossbow and I saw him twitch several times, ready for action. I approached him. "Why are you so... twitchy, Hawk?" I asked. "This "Raven" mate, he's our enemy." He replied. "I know that, but I don't think thats the reason why." I said, firmly. "What if someone dies, like Chef did?" Hawk asked. I snuffed. "We won't." I said. Hawk shook his head slightly. "We'll let destiny decide." Hawk said. "Uuuh... Remus, I see red snake, waving at us." Maul reported. I went over to Maul and he was right. A blood snake, waving at us on the docks. "Well, well, well, looks like Sid." I said. "Should we drop anchor?" Maul asked. "Yes, please." I replied. Maul dropped anchor and we set down a plank to the dock. I walked off first and went over to Sid. "Hey there, Remus." Sid greeted. "Hey, Sid." I said, smiling. Tod came over to me. "I never thought I'd see you here lad." He said. I chuckled. "Me neither, so, whats up?" I asked. "Well, buissness is goin' well lad, but I don' think your cre' still trusts us." Tod said. I scoffed. "Speakin' of which, wheres that Medusa snake of ya's?" Tod asked. I frowned. "Dead." I replied. Sid and Tod's eyes grew. "Oh, err- sorry, didn't mean to upset ya'-" "It's okay." I inturrupted. We remained silent for a while. "So... what are you guys here for?" Sid asked. "We're here to find and kill someone named 'Raven'." I replied. Tod's eyes grew fora s econd then narrowed. "Raven? the Raven?" Tod asked." "Yes, the one with many second-degree murders." I said. "Aye, I know him, he stole a bow from me." Tod said. "A bow? what would he want with a bow?" I asked. Tod raised an eyebrow. "Haven't you heard, lad? he uses two kinds of weapons, bows and guns. if you go, guns 'a blazes on 'em, he's sure to rough up your arse'." Tod said. "Really? well... thats some useful information." I said. "Your welcome lad, but... I'm willin' to make ya' a deal." Tod said. "I'm listening." I said. "If I give ya' crew there a certain bow, that could defeat Raven, I'll let ya' keep it if you give me the bow he stole from me." He bargained. "Well... sure.!" I accepted. He smiled. "Sid, fetch the bow." Tod ordered. Sid nodded and slithered over to the trade ship. "Hope ya' know how to use a bow." Tod said. I laughed. "Hawk does." I replied. Sid came over and passed the bow to Maul. "Well, good luck lads." He said, saluting. I smiled and saluted back. "Good luck trading." I said. Tod turned around and took a step but stopped. "By the way lads." He said, turning around. "Have ya' seen my fathe' by any chance?" He asked. "Depends, who is your father?" I asked. " 'Is name is 'Samuel', he's American but I got me genes off of me mothe'." He said. I thought for a second. "Never heard of him." I said. "Alright then." He said, turning back around and walking to his trade ship. We walked back to our ship.

Maul was playing around with the bow. It was black, made of metal with silver linings stroking down from the top to the bottom. Maul pulled back the string with his index and middle finger. Hawk went over to him. "Don't use those fingers." Hawk quickly said while approaching. Maul eased the bow and pushed the string back in place. "May I see the bow, for a second?" Hawk asked. Maul passed the bow to Hawk, not with rage but with kindness instead. Hawk gripped the bow with his left hand. "Alright mate, first rule: never let go of the bow if there is no arrow in it." Hawk said. Hawk grabbed an arrow and put the tail in the string. Hawk pulled the string back with three fingers, his index, middle, and ring fingers. He leaned his head on the bow. "Aiming is important, you can take your time because haste makes waste. As long as the arrow gets a clean shot... only then can ya' make haste." Hawk said. Hawk breathed heavily and let the arrow go. And the arrow hit the bullseye of a target. Hawk gave the bow to Maul and Maul grabbed it. Maul put his three fingers on the string and pulled it back. Once he released, it hit outside the target. "Don't be ashamed mate, took me years to perfect a bow." Hawk said. Maul's mouth twitched. Hawk gave the bow back and Maul put it away. "On to, Raven, we go." I said.

Chapter 39:
     Shadow under wings.

Once we reached Raven's hideout, we brought Mary with us. We walked into a hallway. It was long and wide. Potraits of Zealot hung off the walls. "What an ugly bat." Hawk said. Suddenly, all of the Zealot potraits started staring at us. We all stood at the creepy image. And then, they stared at Hawk. Hawk scoffed. "Fine, sorry." Hawk said. The Zealot potraits returned to their positions. We all proceeded without a word.

We all reached Raven's room... already. He was glaring at a giant... orb. With purple smoke in it. Raven turned around. He had a scar on his left cheek. Black wings... and he was a Zealot snake. "So.. tough guys decend into my home." Raven said. I chuckled. "Yeah, my marksman here has something to say to you." I said. Hawk went ahead of me. "You're goin' down, back in Australia, we don' have wankers like you." Hawk exclaimed. Raven laughed. "Then you must be very stupid." Raven replied. Hawk approached but Maul grabbed his shoulder. Raven smiled and unsheathed his bow. Maul reacted by pulling out his cutlass. Raven pulled back his bow and fired at me. Maul got in front of me and reflected the arrow. Hawk hid behind Maul and fired his crossbow at Raven. Raven dodged and drew back his bow. He aimed at Albert and fired. Albert dodged and pulled out a gun. He fired and it fired an eletric bolt at Raven. Raven put his hand in front of him and a shadow bolt reflected the electric bolt. Raven then revealed his wings. A dark cloud unleashed underneath the wings. "You, the blood snake with the wings. You and I seem to be similar in a way." Raven said. I glanced at Hawk. He deployed his wings. "It's on, mate." Hawk said. Raven smiled and they both started flying to a board high above the giant shadow orb. Raven drew out a very long Chinese sword. Hawk drew out a long cutlass. "Pray that if I don't kill you, the fall won't either." Raven said. Hawk dashed foward and stabbed his sword towards Raven. Raven dodged and slashed his sword sideways to Hawk's right hip. Hawk blocked and punched Raven. We all cheered that he was winning. Raven was knocked back and he raised his sword. Hawk approached and slammed his sword on Raven. Raven blocked and then hit Hawk's body. The body absorbed the punch and Hawk wasn't knocked back. Hawk punched Raven's face and Raven then fell. He caught the board with his hands and held onto the board. "This... this isn't right!" Raven said. Hawk drew out his automatic dart gun. "The rightous always win, mate." Hawk said. Raven laughed. "Only if they try." Raven replied. My eyes grew as Raven quickly drew out a magnum from a holster and fired at Hawk.

Chapter 40:
      Live to fly

Hawk screamed and staggered to the opposite side of us. He luckily pushed himself foward and fell onto our side. "Catch him!" I said. Maul slithered over to where he was going to fall. Hawk deployed his wings and flapped several times, decreasing his fall slightly. Hawk landed in front of Maul softly. And then collapsed in his arms. I sighedin relief. Maul brought Hawk's body over to Mary. Mary quickly injected a medicine into Maul. "This will ease the pain." Mary said. We all heard laughing and looked at Raven. "Poor boy, it's just a shame, he's as weak as his family!" Raven yelled. Raven scoffed. "Disgraceful, I murdered his wife and children! thats right! I DID IT! and he just slunk away like the zezom he is!" Raven taunted. I glanced at Hawk then Maul. Maul had his fists cluntched and twitchy. He grabbed the bow from Hawk and aimed at Raven while he was laughing. Maul drew back the bow and fired it. And it hit Raven in his throat, stopping his laughter. He stood there for several seconds then fell onto the shadow orb. The shadow orb broke and he got sucked into it... and vanished in the purple cloud within the orb. "Come on! come on! lets get out of here!" I said hastily. Maul picked up Hawk and we quickly went back to the ship. Albert was behind me with the bow from Raven.

Chapter 41:
       Another death?

We all stood in Mary's office once again, silence shrouded all of us like a dark cloud. Maul was playing with his fingers while waiting. "You think he'll be okay?" I asked Maul. Maul glanced at me. "Hawk maybe weaker then me, but Hawk is strong." Maul replied. I swallowed and stared at the door. Mary burst up and started jumping. "He's gonna be okay!" Mary shouted with glee. We all cheered. Hawk then appeared behind Mary with several bandages on his chest and stomach, but I was just glad to see he was okay. "Alright, glad to see you're okay!" I said. "Thanks, mate." Hawk replied.

Chapter 42:
      The medicine man

Day three.

Albert did research on our next target, who is named "medicine man Guro."  Apparently, this guy, unlike Mary, did his years dissecting animals and studying the body. Guro is also a master alchemist and voodoo priest. But the worst thing about him... Albert found website that said he had the powers of Medusa and was able to turn anyone... into stone.

He right now, hides like a coward in Kenya, Africa.

Chapter 43:  
         In the desert

We dropped anchor on a dock. Everyone except me and Mary got off. I stared at Mary. "Stay safe." I wished. Mary smiled and nodded. I walked off the ship and followed my crew through the desert.

"Welcome to Kenya!" An African snake said. Lots of African snakes greeted us with open arms. "You wouldn't happen to know someone named Guro, right?" I asked. Everyone thought for a moment. "Yes, isn't he the one that traveled the desert?" An African snake asked. The African snake pointed towards the desert. "Ah,thanks." I said. My crew and I moved out.

We managed to stumble on to a stone fort, looked similar to juggernaut Xieus's. We went into the fort and got inside.

Once we got inside, it stunk with rot and decay. "Whats that foul smell?" I whispered, holding my breath. Albert put on a gas mask and gave everybody else gas masks. I put on mine and I breathed deeply. "Lets go." I said. I then noticed Rouge didn't have  gas mask. She just proceeded like nothing ever invaded her nose. We all moved on.

We entered one large room. I walked slowly while looking around. A roar came from in front of me and I staggered back. Rouge was there. "Rouge! don't startle me like that!" I exclaimed. Rouge shook her head and looked down at the ground. I got up and stared at what she was staring at. "Woah." I said. Everyone came next to me. There was a GIANT pit there, full of corpses and blood. It was still pretty deep. We all were silent then I looked up. There was a stone bridge against the left side leading the other side of the pit. We all proceeded.

Once we crossed the pit, we entered another room full of corpses. Zezoms were feasting on them. We all proceeded without saying a word.

Chapter 44:
        Medicine mon

We entered the final room, Guro was standing there, staring down at us with arms folded. "Oh, who be dis now?" Guro asked. Guro took the time to identify us. "Oh! you be de' ones dat killed Xieus and Raven! news be spreadin' fast 'round 'ere." Guro answered himself. He grabbed two vials with orange liquid in them. "Now, you be comin' to me, and I can tell, you be sayin' yoyu wish to donate ya' corpses to me'h." Guro said. Guro smiled. "Well, you be wantin' to kill me?! say dat to de zezoms!" He yelled. He tossed the two orange vials at us. Hawk fired his crossbow at one and it exploded in mid-air. But the other hit me and I staggered. "Ow! what'd you do that!?" I asked. Everything was orange all of a sudden. Zezoms roared behind us and a zezom lept on my back. "GET IT OFF!" I yelled, running in circles. Maul grabbed the zezom and tossed it at Guro. Guro caught the zezom and laid it down. Everything became clear again and I sighed. Guro then grabbed a staff. "I'm gonna turn ya into stone!" He said. He raised his staff and then slammed it down. A green cloud then appeared from his staff. Then, we all stopped whatever we were doing. Medusa was in front of us! The snakes of my crew bowed. She was luckily wearing shades to cover her eyes. "Medusa! queen of us!" Maul said. Rouge hid in the shadows but I had to bow. "Guro, why do you waste my time with these... mortals?" Medusa asked. "Dey be wishin' to destroy me' my queen!" Guro said. "Is that so." Medusa asked. I heard slithering approaching me. I felt cold hands on my neck and got lifted. Medusa and I started at each other for a long time. Fear struck me like a lightning bolt. "Were you planning on destroying me? if you were, I can just turn you into a statue right now and put you on a nice stool in Zetalo." Medusa said. "No! I-I wa-was just after Guro!" I replied, stuttering with fear. Medusa laid me down and stared at Guro. Guro stared at Medusa back. "Guro, did you lie to your queen?" Medusa asked. "No! ya' know I would never do dat!" Guro said. Medusa approached Guro and grabbed his neck. Medusa removed her shades and then, Guro turned into a human shortly. I stared away. "No! aaaaaaaaagghh!" Guro's scream just got cut off. I didn't bother looking up. I heard slithering on my left. "Now, I hope you all enjoy your lives." Medusa wished. I looked up... she was gone. All of us got up and Rouge revealed herself. I approached Guro... he was a human, but his statue showed his jaw wide open... as if he were screaming. "Well, Albert, when that website said Guro knew how to turn someone into stone... close enough." I said. Albert laughed. "Dumkohf, believeing zhat Medusa will stone us, fool." Albert taunted Guro. Hawk laughed. Albert grabbed a potion with pink liquid in it. "Ooooh... zis will come in handy, I could zell zis to Tod." Albert said. "Smart idea, lets go!" I said. We all left the room.

Chapter 45:
       Ninja with a team.

Day four

Albert did research on our next target, his name was Yakon. He just so happens to be in a guild called "the assassins' guild." No one knows where it is. But Rouge used to be part of them. He now is in Japan, but they have no docks there yet... so  we have to travel from China.

Rouge put on a white ninja suit, cloth covered her mouth and a hood covered her ears. The rest of her body was basically white except her face, tail, and paws. I see she and Yakon had a past... a past she was not telling me about.

Chapter 46:

      Great wall to great invasion.

We dropped anchor on the dock of Zhejiang and started walking.

I expected the great wall to be "great"... but it looked torn... it was literally in pieces. A giant hole was ripped in the wall. Once we got closer.. There was many humans, we all paused to examine the damage. I approached the human. I opened my mouth but, I could tel.. there was blankets with corpses in them. Hands and feet stuck out of them. "What are you doing here? isolate!" A spartan ordered, approaching us with two imperial Medusa snakes. The two Medusa snakes were armed with Pheonix swords and shields. "Just passing through, we're going to Japan." I replied. The spartan hesitated then nodded. "Very well, pass." He said. The crew passed me and I paused. "What the heck happened here?" I asked. The spartan sighed. "It was just all so sudden..."

"Attack!" Zanzos ordered. Catapults launched steel spheres at Chinese tanks. One Chinese tank fired at a catapult but got crushed. All the snakes battle cried and started charging at the great wall. The Chinese armed rifles and started firing at the invading pillagers. Several snakes died but most made it and started hitting the Chinese with maces that stunned them. Medusa approached with four spartans behind her and two imperial Medusa snakes armed with shields and swords in front of her. "Get their queen!" A Chinese leader ordered. A sniper aimed at Medusa. Medusa took off her shades and turned the sniper into stone. Then, devil cats started appearing and charged at the Chinese as well. The combined forces of the invaders were over throwing the Chinese. Devil cat suicide bombers ran over to the wall and blew it up. Causing the wall to crack slightly. Snake battering rams charged into the wall and started hitting it. Catapults helped. The Chinese forces were completely wiped out. The wall started collapsing. Once the great wall fell, the snakes started charing in, along with the devil cats.

I stared at the Chinese sniper that was turned to stone by Medusa. "Wow." I said. The spartan sighed. "Keep digin'!" An imperial Medusa snake ordered, whiping a slave from the order. "What happened to the Chinese?" I asked. "Converted into snakes, then free to roam the world." The spartan replied. I sighed. "Thanks." I said. He nodded and got back to ordering, I caught up with my crew.

Chapter 47:
        The good, the bad, the bounty.

We reached Japan. A long bridge from Buson, south Korea to Fukuoka. Once we made it. We started asking everyone if they seen anyone from the assassins' guild. Not a single "yes". After about 30 minutes. We gave up. Rouge then came over to me with a ticket. She handed it over. I grabbed it with my "leg" and read it... but I couldn't read Japanese. "I can't read it." I confessed. Rouge whispered to Maul. "She says sumo round at 1:00." Maul said. "AM or PM?" I asked. "PM." Maul replied. "Okay, why would we go to a sumo wrestle when we only have only four days left to pay Davy's debt?" I asked. Rouge whispered to Maul again. Maul nodded. "She says one of sumo wrestlers was being hunted by ninjas ever since." Maul replied. I twitched my mouth. "Where is this sumo wrestle?" I asked. Rouge whispered to Maul one more time. "Tokyo." Maul replied.

Once we arrived at Tokyo at 11:39. Samurai guarded the entrance. I was about to walk towards them but Rouge pulled me back. She growled and I completely forgot. We needed passports to get in, otherwise, they'll figure us as spies. Rouge gave me a passport. I grabbed it and we all walked in. "Passports." The samurai demanded, blocking us with their spears. I passed my passport, he examined it and gave it back. Me and Rouge walked in and we waited for the rest of the crew (disincluding Mary) to pass. Once everyone passed the samurai, we started walking over to the wrestling match.

Once 1:00 arrived, we entered the wrestling match. And long after, the two sumo wrestlers came out. They were both very large Zealot snakes. One wolf came out with a flag in his mouth. He raised the flag and then quickly lowered the flag. One of the sumo wrestlers slapped the other and started pushing him off the ring. Suddenly, there was a dart that flew into the wrestler being pushed. They both stopped and the wrestler pulled out the dart. Then fell. We all glanced at the source. A fox with black clothes was there! Hawk fired and the fox quickly jumped into the sumo ring. Everyone was in a state of panic and started running. I jumped down and tackled the fox. "Alright, assassin, where is Yakon hiding?" I asked. He laughed. "Well, you're getting nowhere." He replied. Rouge jumped beside me. "Then I'm sure you two know each other." I said. Rouge removed the white cloth the covered her mouth. He gasped. "Rouge?" He asked. Rouge growled. "Now, tell us... where are the assassins hiding?" I asked. He didn't open his jaw. I rolled my eyes. "Kill him." I ordered. Rouge drew out her claws and approached. "Alright! they're hiding north of here, in an old house." He replied. "Stand down." I ordered Rouge. Rouge sheathed her claws. I picked up the assassin with my left leg and tossed him towards several samurai. The samurai captured him and put him in jail. "Lets go." I said. My crew followed me.

Chapter 48:
       Duel to the death.

We entered the old house. Once we all stepped in, I tripped on a tripwire. A cage then dropped down on us. Rouge leapt but we all got stuck in the cage. The door closed behind us and we were surrounded by darkness. Light then appeared. Rouge was standing in a large room. Yakon was ahead of her, several yards. "So, Rouge, you decide to show your cowardly face. I don't expect you to reply, because you never really let anything but air leave that mouth of yours." Yakon said. Yakon was a panther too... he had black ninja clothes. "You can handle little baby, Rouge." Maul said. Rouge smiled. Yakon approached and leapt. Rouge dodged and then stabbed him. Yakon grunted and landed in front of our cage. Hawk armed his crossbow but started reloading it. Rouge charged at Yakon and rammed her claws into Yakon. Yakon, however, dodged and then bit Rouge's back. Rouge grunted and she quickly swiped at Yakon's body. Yakon then ran over to a machine in the back of the room. He inserted his claws into them and they were coated with green liquid. "Rouge, try to dodge him!" I yelled. Rouge stood still but in a stance. Yakon leapt at her. As Rouge tried to dodge... she got hit by the claws. She slid across the ground, a small trail of blood left from her. "Great." I muttered. Yakon chuckled. Hawk aimed at Yakon and fired at his throat. And that killed him. "Great, now how are we going to get out?" I asked. "Zheres our answer." Albert said, pointing towards a blow torch. Maul tried to reach for it but it was out of reach. "Gah, we need more range." Hawk said. Hawk grabbed the rope and tied it to a bolt, then to the cage bar. "Stand back, mates." Hawk said. We all got back. Hawk aimed at the blow torch and fired at a connecter, then tugged on the rope. The blow torch got within arms reach. Maul grabbed it and handed it to Albert. Albert then activated the blow torch and disembled a bar. I crawled through it and went over to Rouge. She was breathing heavily. I heard another bar clank against the ground and a shadow came over to me. Maul picked up Rouge and we all went back to the boat.

Chapter 49:
          Poison and depression.

Mary smiled at me. "Shes going to be fine... the poison was weak." Mary reported. I sighed with relief. "Good." I said. I started walking towards Albert's lab.

Once I made it, there was a desk in the middle of the room. Albert was sitting with his back turned towards me. I approached him, his head buried in his palm. "Whats the matter, Albert?" I asked. He sighed with depression. He revealed his face. "Issac, iz die reason." Albert replied. "Afraid to kill him?" I asked. "ja, out of zhem all... Martin, Schultz, even our dog, Fritz." Albert replied. I twitched. "I got a question." I said. "Ja, go ahead." Albert said. I hesitated but opened my mouth. "Why did you not give me up?" I asked. Albert laughed. "You're der captain, Remus." He replied. For once, he actually inspired me. I smiled. "Well, you don't have to go with us to Issac." I said. He shook his head. "Zhats de problem." He said. "How?" I asked. "I cannot choose bezween the two. Family, or family?" He replied. I took a moment to think. "I don't think the two are unrelated." I replied. I left the room after I said that but stopped once Albert called my name. I turned around as he stood up at the same time. "Issac iz die Pon Peter of Humanism." Albert informed. "Should I be scared?" I asked. "Nein, but try zhot to think of Mary." Albert replied. I raised an eyebrow but I'll follow his advice.

Chapter 50:

Day five...

Issac was right now, in Brazil, Fortaleza. No idea why, but once we dropped anchor, we spotted Tod once again. "Hawk, get the bows." I ordered. He saluted and went below deck to get the bows. I went over to Tod, and he didn't sem to notice me. Once I got to him, he apparently did notice me. "Hello, lad." Tod greeted. "Hey." I greeted back. "So, ya' got the bow, lad?" Tod asked. "Yes, Hawk is getting them right now." I replied. "Good, good..." Tod said, nodding. Tod was staring at his ship, his crew was dropping boxes on the dock. Hawk came over to me, holding both bows. "Perfect, good work lads." Tod said. Sid grabbed the bow Raven had. "You can have both back." I said. Tod glanced at me with slightly wide eyes. "Why do you want to giv' it away?" Tod asked. "We have no use for it, you can have it." I replied. Sid grabbed the other and went back to his boat. "Well, generous of ya'." Tod said. We nodded and the crew and I headed for Issac.
Once we reached Issac's "fort". We were hiding in the bushes. It was a manor that looked very fancy and had the Pon Peter symbol on the gate. "Great, how can we get in?" I asked. Rouge jumped on the gate and started climbing over it. Once she did, she landed softly and opened the gate on the inside. "Impressive." Hawk said, smiling and nodding at the same time. Rouge smiled back. We all walked over to the manor.

Once we got in. A Zealot snake with a tuxedo was right there. He was a butler! "May I help you, sirs?" He asked. Hawk fired a bolt at the butler.
The butler fell backwards like a statue. "Hawk! what was that for?!" I exclaimed. Hawk loaded his crossbow. "Chill, it's just a sleep dart." Hawk replied. I sighed with relief. "We're not murderers." I said, walking forward. The crew followed me.

Once we entered the library. We stopped. There were two body guards standing at a door. Hawk loaded his crossbow with a sleeping dart. "Rouge." Hawk whispered. Rouge glanced at Hawk. Hawk nodded and Rouge nodded back. Rouge started prowling and hid in the shadows... and she really was hard to see. Hawk fired the body guard on the right and Rouge back stabbed the body guard on the left. We all proceeded into the door they were guarding.

 Once we entered. A clockwork snake was there, once, he turned around to face us. He had blood on his chest. He remained silent but I could tell he knew who we were. "Zo, is death... really worth it? the death of four good zeople? Xieus, Raven, Guro, Yakon?" Issac asked. "To save our cap'n? yeah." Hawk replied. Issac laughed. "You're zaying, vun life, iz worth those four?" Issac asked. My crew all looked at me then back at Issac. "Da." Maul said. I felt sick... I never really thought of that. "I'm zo close, zo close to vut die grandfather was looking for." Issac said. He grabbed a weapon that was very big, had a small barrel on the side of it, and it had a barrel similar to a telsa gun or something. "Zou will not stop ve!" Issac yelled. The telsa gun armed and electricity popped out. "i stole zhis from my brother Albert, alvays was der most naive." Issac said. "Thats... the telsa gun... you STOLE THAT FROM ALBERT WHILE WE WERE DEALING WITH ZEZOM RALEIGH!" I exclaimed. Issac's eyes grew. "How do zou know him?" Issac asked. "We heard of him." I lied. Issac chuckled. "Now, face it's fury." Issac said. The telsa gun lit up and an eletric bolt struck my heart. "Aggh!" I screamed, bending to my knees. Issac laughed and zapped me again. Everything turned red. Issac laughed but his laugh was cut off by a scream. Everything turned to their original color and I stood up. Issac had a bolt in his shoulder. He dropped the gun and Maul grabbed it. Issac pulled out the bolt and then, after seeing Maul, he raised both of his hands in the air. "Have merczy." Issac begged. "I'm afraid not, we need to end you" Maul replied. Issac grabbed the telsa gun and then, shook it out of Maul's grip, then hit Maul's stomach with the butt of the gun. "Ha!" Issac said. Hawk fired but Issac dodged. "Ztand down!" Issac ordered. Hawk raised his eyebrows but Issac zapped him along with everyone else, including Rouge. I fell to the floor on my right. Issac zapped everyone except me once more and he came over to me. He laughed. "Zo, zhis be the 'best captain of die zeas,' pathetic." Issac said. Issac pulled a device out of his pocket and put it on my head. "Letz see here... vut?! ALBERT?" Issac asked. I then knew what the device he was holding was. It was a memory scanner or something. "Vittle, no good dumkohf. But vait... zheres zomething else... a she-wolf... vlue highborn... and vunning against each other's cheeks vith the moon over die se- ah... love." Issac said. Issac laughed, throwing his head back. "Vell, zit's a darn shame, zou von't be seeing her again." Issac threatened. I gasped. He reached for the telsa gun and grabbed it. He put his hand on a little valve. "Maxivmum power... zay good-vye." Issac said. He pointed it at me. It lit up but got intturupted. I raised an eyebrow. Issac gasped for air and fell backwards. Albert was right there, with a gun in his hand... and Mary was there too. I chuckled. Albert didn't laugh, his eyebrows were pointing down. "Zo, zou stole vy gun." Albert said. Issac laughed, raspy. "Ja, zou vere- vere always the most voolish... I should've killed zou long ago." Issac said. Albert pointed at the telsa gun at him. "Do zit!" Issac demanded. Albert zapped him and he died.

Chapter 51:

Mary nursed all of our wounds. And I sat at the steering wheel of the boat. Maul was still steering but I still sat near him. "So... you love, Mary, da?" Maul asked. I smiled and blushed. "Yes." I replied. Maul chuckled. "Is good thing, I don't have girl-friend." Maul said. That reminded me of something. "In fact, where did all the female snakes go?" I asked. Maul shrugged. "Medusa was only female snake I ever heard of." Maul said. I was still blushing at the fact I loved Mary. "Once is over... I mean... REALLY over... what you do, Remus?" Maul asked. "I have plans. Mate Mary, live in the Earth mother's garden, get pups, live a happy life." I said. I then felt a little selfish for not asking what he was gonna do. "And what about you?" I asked. Maul laughed. "I plan on joining boxing, is good and matches strength." He replied. I laughed. "Well, then I'll watch your rounds every single time, I promise." I said. Maul smiled. "Many thanks." Maul said.

Chapter 52:

I was sleeping on my bed. Everything was dark, then, something touched my neck. "Remus." Mary said. "Yes, Mary?" I asked. "Can I sleep with you, tonight?" Mary asked slowly. I turned to face her. She tried hiding her face but I could see her blushing. "Why?" I asked, smiling. "My bed is uncomfortable." Mary replied. I chuckled. "Go ahead." I said. Mary smiled. "Thank you." Mary thanked. She walked over to the other side of me and jumped on it, then laid down. We kept apart for a small while. Then I scooted slightly closer to her, but she scooted over to me and we bumped into each other. We backed away from each other, then we both laughed and started scooting close together again. I felt that same feeling when we first embraced each other. She brushed her cheek against mine. "I burhsed back. "Good night, my love- I mean! Mary." I said. She chuckled. "Good night, my love." She flirted. I chuckled and put my left paw on top of her. "Your paw feels 'bit colder than your body." She said. I knew why but I tried to act up. "It is a cold night, but trust me, in the morning, we'll be warm from each other's heat." I flirted. She laughed and brushed her head against my chin. And we both slept like that.

Chapter 53:
     the paid debt

France, bay of Biscay

We dropped anchor and put a plank leading from my ship to Davy's ship. Davy was on the other side of the ship, looking towards the sea. I swallowed but walked towards Davy. Davy's crew surrounded me but I still approached Davy with my crew behind me. "Okay, I killed your five enemies." I said. Davy remained silent for a small while. "Five?" He asked. "Yes, five... says your little list." I said. He laughed and faced towards me. "Way to go, you paid your debt... only five though." He said. "What do you mean?" I asked. "See here, Remus, those five "enemies" you killed was my crew, and besides, you were suppose to kill six, not five." Davy said. "I-t-the list! it only displayed five people!" I said. I pulled out the list.

-Juggernaut Xieus
-Medicine man Guro
-Issac Pon Peter

Davy took a look at the list. "Yes, all of them, dead, except this one." Davy pointed at the crossed out words at the bottom. "Scratch it." Davy ordered. I snuffed but put the paper on the boards and scratched it. It revealed the name.

-Juggernaut Xieus
-Medicine man Guro
-Issac Pon Peter

I looked up at Davy. "Why you sneaky little-." His crew started grabbing my crew and I was grabbed by two zealot snakes. Davy pulled out his claws and put his claw on me. "You hairless zezom." I insulted. He laughed. "Threatening me will get you nowheres, its time, Remus." Davy said. I was enraged, I slipped my left leg out of the grip of the zealot snake holding it and I pushed Davy away. He staggered back. I slipped my right leg out of the other zealot snake and I put on a battle stance. "Get him!" Davy ordered. Four zealot snakes pulled out pheonix swords and approached me. The rest of Davy's crew had my crew hostage. One zealot snake swung his sword at me, downward. I dodged and jumped on him, then bit his neck several times. He fell to the floor, dead. Two other zealot snakes came over to me and one stabbed me. I blocked with my left leg and pushed him, he fell over the boat and into the water. The other zealot snake swung side-ways at me. I dodged and bit his neck. He died as well. The last zealot snake came over to me with Viroun's fang. He swung at me several times. I dodged everytime and jumped onto him. I grabbed Viroun's fang with my left leg and stabbed his neck. He died and I landed on all four. Davy was ahead, and I saw him roll his eyes. "You just can't count on anyone these days." Davy said. "Let go of my crew." I demanded. Davy drew out his claws. "Not until you paid your debt." He said. We both put on battle stances.

Chapter 54:

I charged at Davy. Davy dodged and clawed at my body.  I grunted but kept my stance. Davy stood on his hind legs and slammed down on me, I dodged and pushed him with my left leg. He staggered and I rammed into him with my head. That made him fell. "Help!" Davy cried. I was about to finish him but two blood snakes grabbed me and pinned me against a wall. Davy got up and came over to me. My crew was tied in ropes in front of me now. "Your strong, Remus, after many years... but I shouldn't say I'm surprised... you were strong back then, even when we were both pups... but... your left leg... whats wrong with it?" Davy asked. "Nothing!" I replied. Davy remained silent. "Hmmm..." Davy hummed. He stroked his big, cat-like paw against my left leg. "It feels very cold... and solid." Davy whispered. "It's just my leg!" I yelled. He drew out his claw and started digging into the fur of my left leg. I tried to resist but to no avail and he tour off the fur of my left leg. "What... in the world?" Davy asked. My crew's eyes grew. I sighed and my head faced towards the floor. My leg was a machine. It had blinking lights, switches... and the Pon Peter symbol on it. Davy laughed. "What is this?" Davy asked. I sighed. "It's my leg." I said. "Any more secret kept away from us, Remus?" Hawk asked. "This secret is no big deal, all it is a machine." I said. "Yet you didn't tell us." Maul replied. I remained silent, trying to come up with an excuse. "Do you have, any idea, how it's like losing a leg?" I asked. Before they can reply, Davy's crew tied duct tape around their mouths. "Remus, Remus, Remus." Davy said, smiling but shaking his head left and right. "Keeping more secrets from your own crew... well... I suppose that's enough for an unworthy captain's duty." Davy drew out his claws from his mechanical leg and put them on my neck again. "Say goodbye, Remus." Davy said. "STORM PIRATES!" Someone yelled. "What?" Davy asked. A cannon ball struck the ship and shook the boat. The zealot snakes released me and I staggered with the rocking of the ship, I then stood on my knees.. "Come on! lets get out of here!" Maul said, grabbed my left paw. I got up and we started going to our ship. "Go, go, go!" Davy ordered. His crew followed us onto our ship. Explosions and fire was everywhere. "Get on life boat!" Maul yelled. A cannon ball hurled passed my head. My crew got on the boat and Davy's crew got on another. Maul lowered the life boat and we started rowing. Davy followed us. Me and Mary stared at our boat. It was on fire. A cannon ball struck it and it started sinking... We all remained silent on the quiet ocean. I sighed. Everything... gone.

Chapter 55:
      High tide

I woke up, it was night and Mary's head was on my shoulder. We were both lying on our backs. I sighed. Maul was still rowing and Hawk was awake as well, cleaning his crossbow. Rouge was asleep as well but Albert had his eyes open while lying. "Albert's a snake, mate, don't sleep with eyes open." Hawk said, noticing me. I sighed again. "Any more secrets Remus keeps awayfrom crew?" Maul asked. "No, I basically told you everything." I said. "Good." Maul said. I looked behind us. Davy's life boat was there as well. "See anything, Hawk?" I asked. "Not the slightest soul, captain." Hawk reported. "Great." I said, rolling my eyes. "Oh snap, row back!" Hawk ordered. I looked ahead of the boat. "Holy-" My words got cut off as a giant wave was coming towards us! "Wake up!" I yelled. Mary woke up, so did Rouge and Albert. They all were startled. "Get together!" I ordered. We all huddled into a big circle and then... darkness.

Chapter 56:
      The road to destiny

I coughed out water. I was lying on my back. "Get up, lad." Tod said. I gasped for air and breathed heavily. "Tod?" I asked. Mary went into vision, her eyes were welled up. I smiled and she started brushing her cheek against mine. "I'm so glad you're okay." Mary whispered. "I'm glad you're okay too." I said. I could feel one of her tears but I really was glad she was fine. I then saw a Medusa snake come to view. "Who are you?" I asked. He smiled. "Hukilau." He hinted. I was confused at first then my eyes grew. "Chef?" I asked. He laughed. "Yes." He replied. I smiled. He put his hand out in front of me. I put my mechanical paw on his hand and he helped me up.

After I got up. There was tepees ahead! and not just any tepees... the tepees of those native Americans we saved from captain Hook! The shaman came over to me and smiled. I smiled back and saluted. "Welcome to the world of the living." He said. "Thanks." I said. We both remained silent for a while. "So... whats going on? why is Chef alive? why is Tod here?" I asked. "Tod rescued us, and brought us hereto the navties... said they were his second-favorite traders." Mary explained. "And...?" I asked. "I told of them what happened, and the shaman was kind enough to revive Chef here." Mary explained more. Chef nodded and smiled. I then saw Davy at one of the tepees. Raven was behind him. "I see he is still alive." I said. The shaman glanced at Davy then back at me. "Yes, we revived his crew as well." The shaman said. "But why?! they're evil!" I exclaimed. He remained silent for a while then asnwered. "The only way, you'll restore balance to the seas... is to destroy the storm pirates... together." The shaman expalined. I growled at that kind of policy. "Fine." I said. "You should be proud, after all, you'll all be heroes... after all, it is the debt to the seas..."

Chapter 57:
      Brothers in arms

"The storm pirate stronghold is in sight, mates." Hawk reported, looking through his scroped crossbow. I looked at his direction. He was right. There was the storm pirates. "Good luck lads!" Tod wished. Since our ships were all destroyed... we had to use Tod's. Once we dropped anchor at a large platform that lead to a HUGE gate. I walked off. The large gate was much bigger up close. "Shaman, can you open it?" I asked. The shaman walked ahead of me. He then bowed down and a blue aura surrounded him. He strained and grunted several times but the gate started opening. The gate fully opened and the shaman stood up. "YYou go ahead on this one." The shaman said. I nodded. "Thanks for the help." I thanked. He nodded and got back to Tod's ship. "Lets go!" I motioned to my crew and brothers. me, Davy, and Romulus walked ahead together. I was in the middle of them.

Once we got into the first room. It had two platforms in mid-air that we cannot reach. "Hawk and Raven, looks like this is all yours." I said. Hawk deployed his wings. "I'll take left, mate." Hawk said. Hawk started flying towards the platform. Once he did, he pulled down a lever on the wall. "All yours mate!" Hawk yelled. Raven spanned his wings and lifted off, he was a lot faster then Hawk. He reached the platform on the right and pulled a lever. A gate ahead opened but several storm pirates with long swords came out. Maul, Suaron, and Xieus went in front of us. Maul charged at one of the storm pirates ahead and stabbed him. Xieus threw a mace at one storm pirate and hit him. Suaron pulled out his two-handed mallet and went over to the storm pirates, and smashed one. Maul sliced one storm pirate's stomach. And Xieus finished off the last one. "Good work! lets move!" I ordered. We all walked ahead. However, once we entered the next room, the gate closed before Hawk or Raven could even get in! "Hawk, Raven!" I yelled. I went over to the gate, there was no buttons, levers, anything to open the gate! "Get in without us!" Hawk yelled. I heard muffled battle crying behind the gate and then... crossbows firing. I sighed. "Lets go." I ordered.

The next room had two electric switches at the sides and a huge gap between our platform and the other side. "Zhese are vowered by eletrizity." Albert said. "Ve my guest, brother." Issac said. Albert pulled out and gave it to Issac, Albert then pulled out another one. They both started zapping the eletric switches. A bridge started leading to the other side. An alarm then blared. Storm pirates then started dropping in from the sides of us. Maul took the right. Suaron and Xieus took the left. I helped Maul. Storm pirates were easy to kill but they were coming in large numbers. "Schnell!" Albert yelled. All of us ran across the bridge while holding off storm pirates at the same time. I looked down the gap, it was full of sleeping zezoms! I didn't look down and made it across the bridge. Albert and Issac made it as well. Everyone made it and we held off the storm pirates, one fell into the pit of zezoms and I started hearing chewing, roaring, and screaming after that. There was two more eletric switches and the huge gate again. Albert and Issac started zapping them both and the gate slowly opened. The bridge was then sliding back into it's position it was before (which was closing and left the gap a gap) The gate opened and we all walked in. Albert and Issac stopped zapping but the gate seemed to have just closed instantly. "Not again." I said.

The next room had a Medusa shrine in it. "Oh great." I said. Guro and Maris went up to the Medusa. I raised an eyebrow. Guro bowed before it and so did Maris (even though she is a devil cat.) The Medusa shrine's eyes then started glowing green and a gate opened. "That was easy." Maul said. We all went ahead but Maris and Guro stayed behind.

The next room had thin slots that a plate could fit in. "Chef." I said. "On it, dude." Chef said. Chef pulled out a plate from his pocket and threw it, it fit into the small hole and an alarm blared. A gate opened slightly, just enough for a wolf like me to fit in. "Go!" Maul yelled. Storm pirates started filling the room. Me, Rouge, Yakon, Romulus, Davy, and Mary crawled underneath the gap in the gate before it closed.

The next room had lasers that were all over the place! it was just like a museum. "Rouge and Yakon, you two ninjas try to get in." I ordered.  They both nodded and both of them did crazy stunts to bypass the lasers. They both made it to two seperate buttons and held them down. We got in and left Rouge and Yakon behind.

Chapter 58:
       Debt to the seas

I went ahead of all the others in a straight, small hallway. but a gate suddenly closed right on top of me. Mary pushed me before the gate could impale me. Davy, Mary, and Romulus were all behind the gate. I looked around the room. It was a large circular room with a glass dome in top. It must be the heart of the stronghold. Suddenly, there was a giant hatch in the center of the room. A giant spider walker appeared, being lifted up by an elevator. The elevator stopped and the spider walker was facing me... it was huge! about 15 feet! On the top, revealed a golden devil cat! I usually see orange, red, and purple devil cats... but a golden? He faced towards me. "So, you finally come." The devil cat said... but it wasn't a he... it was a she! "Yes, to end your tyranny!" I yelled. She laughed. "Sorry, but my "tyranny" is yet to begin!" She yelled. Steam blew out of the spider walker and a leg grabbed me.

The leg didn't crush me or anything, it just lifted me up to her level. We were both standind on the leg though... her left leg was missing as well... replaced by another machine! "Go ahead, lets see what you're made of!" She said. We both swung our left legs at each other and they both locked in place, forming an X. I pushed towards her and she pushed towards me. We were both angry and started growling at each other. "Give up, Remus, we both know I'm more stronger!" She taunted. "I'll make sure of that!" I replied. I pushed towards her and hit her using her own leg. We were no longer locked and we both had stances. I jumped towards her and slammed my leg on her head, it landed on her head and she got stunned. I went over to her and started swiping at her several times. I then unleashed a power attack on her that made her wake up, she was now bleeding but suddenly, everything flashed white!

Everything cleared out. She was now on a different leg, and wind rushed against my fur, I looked down, we were flying! high above the dome which was now broken. "Lucky!" She said. "We'll see about luck!" I yelled back. I jumped towards the leg she was on. And we both were locked in conflict again. She stabbed her leg at me like a spear. I dodged and hit her leg with my left leg. I jumped at her again and stunned her by hitting her head with my left leg again. I started punching her cheeks several times and then, unleashed a power attack. She staggered back and fell into the driver's seat. I then started floating. I looked down. We were falling! I grabbed the leg with my front paws and closed my eyes.

Once we landed, I opened my eyes. I was on the leg. But she was approaching me. I got up but she already hit me with her mechanical leg. "Time to teach you a lesson." She said. She lifted me with her mechanical leg and started choking me. Everything was growing dark. I then pushed lifted my weight off the walker. and we both fell down to the floor.

It was a long fall... but everything seemed to slow down. But slowly I fell to my doom. But... for some reason... I don't feel any regret for anything I done. My life was nothing but misery and dispair. I lied to my crew, I lost my leg, and I wanted to kill my own brother, worst of all, I lied to Mary. The only one in my life that made me feel stronger. Was it Earth mother's will to make it end like this? well... I guess I gotta get it over with.

Time resumed and I closed my eyes. But suddenly, I heard a rope. I opened my eyes to see a rope cut across the left side to the right side of my vision. Rouge stood on it and caught me. It was painful but she held onto me. I breathed heavily, I looked down at the golden devil cat. She was dead. But it didn't matter, my life was at stake and I had to depend on my crew. Rouge let go of me and I fell agin, but Maul caught me. I breathed heavily. "Thank you, all of you." I said. My crew went over to me. "Good ta' have ya back Remus!" Hawk said. I smiled with pride. Maul let me go and I was face to face with Mary, she was smiling at me with glittering blue eyes. I smiled back and she then brushed her left cheek against my left cheek.

Chapter 59:
        Nearing the end

 "Come on, lets go dad! we got trading to do!" A pup said, motioning to his wolf father. "I'm coming, I'm coming!" The father said, carrying a basket in his mouth full of food. They were loading up a ship. "It's been as so long!" The pup said.

I breathed deeply. Then, turned to face the golden devil cat, she was lying on her right side.. My crew and my brothers stared at her... it was so strange... how the antagonist of this story was someone I didn't even know. I then looked at her mechanical leg... it had a symbol on it... it had a red diamond-shaped outline with a yellow square in it, along with an orange triangle in that square. I gasped. "That symbol..." I said. I went over to the golden devil cat and grabbed her with my mechanical leg. Then flipped her over. All of us gasped. Her right side... she was a wolf! "Was ist going on?" Albert asked. She coughed several times then breathed deeply. "We're about to find out." I replied. She looked at me. "Who are you?" She asked. My eyes grew, did she get amnesia? "I'm Remus, and you are?" I asked. "Re-Remus? you're not Remus." She said. "I am, someone named Nate used to own m-" "Nate? Nate is dead." She replied. "Yes... how'd you know?" I asked. "Don't you know who I am? I'm- I'm-" She coughed out blood and opened her jaw. "I'm... Niki." She said. My eyes grew. "Niki?!" I asked. I heard my brothers approach slightly. She coughed out more blood and her heart slowed down. "But- you're so... big... what happened, Remus?" She asked. "We got kidnapped,  by poachers, almost got sold, remember?" I asked. "They did things to me, Re- Remus." She coughed out blood before continuing. "They- they sliced off my leg... and replaced it with- a machine." She explained. Her mechanical leg was slightly torn off from her body. "Why?" I asked. She coughed out blood and her heart slowed down to the point where she might die. "I love you, I love you all so muc- mu- much..." She leaned her head against my right paw (which was near her head) and she died there, her eyes opened. I opened my jaw but nothing came out. I then stood up straight and laid my mechanical toes on her eye lids, then shut them. Everyone approached slowly... "You will be remembered... Niki." I said. I glanced at my brothers. "I killed so many people..." I said, a tear rolled down my eye. Davy put his paw on my shoulder. "We all learned a lesson here, brother." Davy said. I sighed deeply. "But we should have learned it earlier..." I said. We all looked towards Niki. Her body slowly turned back to the beautiful wolf we once knew. "Alright lad and lassies." Tod said. We all glanced at Tod. Tod stood straight up. "Enough of all ya weepin', I got an ol' friend 'ere." The shaman revealed himself. "The shaman!" I exclaimed. He went over to Niki. Tod went over to Niki as well. "Didn't I tell ye' to rip off the leg?" Tod asked. I then remembered, the first moment we met Tod, he said to rip off a mechanical leg! "Oh, yeah, we forgot." I said, rubbing the back of my head. The shaman sat down and a blue aura surrounded him and Niki. "You three, gather." He ordered. We hesitated but me and my brothers gathered around Niki. The mechanical leg of hers is conquering her... she wants you to help her." The shaman said. "We'll help" Romulus said. "Very well." The shaman said. A green aura surrounded Romulus. "You're the brother of betrayal, think of yourself and not of others, we shall cleanse this." The shaman whispered. A purple aura surrounded Davy. "You're the brother of debt, when those who sin before you, they owe you a debt or else they'll be punished, we shall cleanse this." The shaman whispered. A yellow aura surrounded me. "You're the brother of revenge, when those who left you behind, you worry least of oweing debts, but instead, of chasing them, instead of them, chasing you... we shall cleanse this." The shaman whispered. A red aura surrounded Niki. "Now, we have our victim, who we never thought of as important, until now... all of you have mechanical legs... shall you succeed, all of yours legs will be gone and you'll have your old ones... shall you fail... and you'll be corrupted and destroyed." The shaman said. We all remained silent. "Do you accept the task?" The shaman asked. "We do." We all replied. "Very well, good luck." The shaman said. Everything flashed white.

Chapter 60:
       Freeing the spirit

I woke up. I got up and saw what I was standing on, it was rock... in space? it looked like what Nepmoon usually does to call certain heroes but I doubt I'm a hero. I saw Romulus and Davy were here too. "Theres Niki." Romulus said, looking up. I glanced up. Niki was in a mixed color aura. I felt pain surge in my chest. "Whats going on?" I asked, striaining. A spirit then thawed out of me. It looked like me... just with red eyes this time. He laughed at me. "Such a fool, I am! you don't really love! all you do is hate! hate is your thing and it always will be!" He said, his voice distorted. He then turned mortal and I rammed into him. My spirit jumped high in the air and dodged me. "A little help, guys?!" I asked. "I can't move!" Davy said. "Same here." Romulus replied. "Great." I said, rolling my eyes. My spirit swiped at me two times. I dodged both and swiped my left paw at him... my left paw, though... it wasn't mechanical! The spirit deformed and exploded... purple particles spreaded everywhere and vanished slowly. I went back to my spot and the yellow aura surrounded me. Davy was next, his spirit thawed out of him and they both stared at each other, face to face. "You idiot! why didn't you kill your brothers and sister when you had the chance? not just the chance! you had CHANCES!" Davy's spirit yelled, voice distorted again. Davy laughed. "I had chanes to save them as well." Davy said. Davy swiped at his spirit but the spirit dodged. His spirit then shoved Davy and Davy staggered back to the edge of the rock. I couldn't move or do anything to save him. Davy started trying to shift himself forward and he luckily didn't fall off the rock. Davy then swiped at his spirit and his spirit screamed... and melted. Davy sat back down and the purple aura surrounded him. It was now Romulus's turn and his spirit thawed out. "Weakling! how did you manage to make them live?! they're the enemy, and no one in this world can be trusted!" Romulus's spirit said. Romulus growled. "I did a wrong thing leaving both of them behind... you caused me to get angry, it was not me, it was YOU!" Romulus said. They both snarled at each other for several seconds and then, Romulus charged his head into his spirit. His spirit shoved him off and jumped then slammed his paws on Romulus's head. Romulus got up after being slammed and stood on his hind legs like a bear and slammed his paws down on the spirit. The spirit screamed and melted. Romulus sat back down and the green aura surrounded him. Niki then slowly hovered down to the rock. And a few feet above the ground, her spirit thawed out. "Ha! fools, all of you! how did my brothers manage to fail trying to destroy you?!" Niki's spirit asked. Her spirit was actually a little taller then us. "It's because we're stronger then you! even if you are evil and stronger in muscle, we have one thing that you don't have, love, power, and spirit." Niki replied, still hovering above the ground. Her spirit turned into a devil cat and she started sucking our spirits. "Well, lets see about that." Niki's spirit said. I felt myself able to control... myself again! Davy and Romulus were free as well. Niki's spirit faced towards me. Davy and Romulus jumped on Niki's spirit  Niki's spirit then turned away and I started swiping at her. Even though it may feel a little... weak... it seemed to be painful for her. Niki's spirit was constantly screaming. She swiped at me with her huge claws. I dodged and rammed into her. She screamed and my brothers jumped off of her. We all backed away slowly because she was exploding! a bright flash of white emitted...

Chapter 61:

I meditated near the Earth mother tree. My eyes closed and I opened my eyes, woken from my meditation. Mary came over to me and brushed her cheek against me. I brushed against her as well. "Love you." Mary said. I smiled. "I love you to, Mary." I said... we both stared at the Earth mother tree... and it was good to be free.
Maul retired from sailing and decided to move back to his home, in Russia, there, he joined the boxing tournament, I visited his rounds several times. Just like I promised...

Rouge retired and moved back to Japan, there, she lived among a peaceful valley, setted up a home, and mated. I do visit her sometimes, for I do owe her.

Hawk retired and moved back to Australia, there, he was greeted with open arms. He now is taking care of his family and he now owns an archery range! I gone there several times to see him teach many snakes how to shoot a bow.

Albert went back to his family, there, he reported of Issac's death... and he decided to turn himself into a Clockwork snake, and he joined the smeltiers. I never bothered visiting him, but I do see several of his crafts.

Chef went back to Hawaii and there, he was Hawaii's #1 chef, I did visit him several times and tasted his food, and they were delicous.

Tod, along with his crew, made millions off of trading, his crew is still trading because they got so addicted to it! still, Tod misses the stillness and quiet of the sea because of the other traders... but he still enjoys seeing others embrassing Nepmoon's gifts.

The native Americans now live in peace among the peaceful gaze of Ireland, I did visit them several times... and boy is their village going well.

Romulus retired and now lives here, in the Earth mother's garden, here, he meditates among the grass field.

Davy retired and now lives in where we were born... Paris, France, and there, he loves seeing the views on top of the tower we used to love... the eiffel tower...

Alpha howl library productions.

The end...