Why make this book?
Again, it's for your entertainment, quit asking me this.

Zanzos, who is the Earth mother?
The Earth mother is the Earth, she is our god.

What do you think you'll do next Zanzos?
Story of freedom or call of heroes.

Why do you believe in the Earth mother?
I am a huge fan of Balto, in Balto two, he mentioned the Earth mother and I decided to follow his wisdom. I also go green.

How was Ali'kara born?
Once I drew him, I couldn't make an element for him, so I made him "terror of the sky."

Are you strength, swift, brawn, or intellect Zanzos?
Errrr... intellect... maybe.

Why not make movies.

Would you rather drown or be stabbed to death.

Buy my free virus scan!
Yeah! comes exclusively with one free virus! nice try my naive friend.

Hows school going?
I don't wish to talk about it.

Your theory on the "Earth mother" is the worst prediction I ever heard...
You just insulted your ancestor's beliefs, you see my stupid and naive friend. The native Americans and indians believed in spirits and the Earth mother. Good job, you ashamed your ancestory forever and from this point on.

My spirit guide is a wolf.
I respect that, but know this, you don't choose them, they choose you.

Where did you get the idea of this book?
It was inspired by pirates of the Caribbean and some other stuff.

Where do you live, Zanzos?
United states of America.

The tale of Jenna, you're to respected.
I apoligize, I sometimes wish I can change the leader of the great invasion... but to no avail, it is meant to conflict with the final hour... which explains the construction of the Alpha Howl library. Unlike Phrazer, who thinks he's so wise even though he is not.

What are you good at?
-Making books (obviously)
-Drawing with paint.avi (sorta.)
And stuff.

Phrazer is WAY better then you.
In what? angering me? indeed.

I was hired to assasinate you.
Well, that didn't turn out the way you expected it now, did it? SECURITY!

At school, do your friends call you any nickname?
Yes, they call me Slenderman.

Who is Slenderman?
Slenderman (I forgot who created them and what his other name was) is a tall dude with a tuxedo and bow tie. He has no face and whoever stares at him will be driven insane. According to lore, he abducts children... remember that this man is a legend... or IS HE?

I have amnesia
I'm gonna make you have amnesia

Good job beating AC3! (assassiin's creed 3)
Danke shay. It was pretty easy, my bro is the stealthy type while I'm the warrior type.

"When more then year old, Aleu should have home... of her own."
When the right time comes... she'll... find a home.

What happened when you watched Balto two?
My eyes welled up, why didn't they make another Balto?

So Kodimarto is your friend?
Internet friend, I do not know his real face. But we both love Balto, and it was Balto who united us.

Balto sucks.
Albert Einstien sucks, Christopher Columbus sucks, Thomas Edison sucks, so does Charles Darwin and Charles Dickens, and Augustus, and Constantine, oh! and so does Steve Jobs, Abriham Lincoln sucks too, and George Washington, and Benjermin Franklin, and Chuck Jones, so does Issac Newton, and uncle Sam, plus queen Elizibeth, so does the alamo, and Empress Wu. Why? you ask? THEY. JUST. SUCK!

Oh no! grab the bags! grab the pets! grab the toothbrushes! we gotta move back to Germany!

Q: 1. your stupid. 2. your a kid. 3. you lack sense of humor.
A:1. You're stupid because you spelled wrong. 2. Watcha gonna do about it? 3. I see you do as well, because your comment is not funny.

Keep up the great work!
Danke! you must understand that I'm giving up my life for you guys.

If you had a choice between wealth and your library... which one would you choose?
My library, it is more treasure to me beyond a trillion dollars. But if I could snatch the money on the way out, I'd buy weebly pro for our library.

Make movies.
N.O, thats Spark's career (my brother)

How's it like to have a brother?
It has it's moments... either teamwork, or arguing like two babies.

Did you watch Madagasgar 3?
Ja, I liked how it had many accents in it. A Russian tiger, Spanish leopard, and Italian seal (sea lion) THAT is a first.

You should make torturers have more health.
No, if we do so they will become frontiers and yeah... they're meant for defense not offense.

Which is more fun to make, set your bet or team deluxe arena?
Set your bet, I enjoy making questions and deciding who wins. I find the team deluxe arena more irritating to make.

Where do you want to live, Alaska or Germany?
It depends upon the enviroment. If Germany is a grassland, I'd move there.

Why is your brother a panther?
He chose to be a panther.

If a zombie apocalypse were ever to happen, what would you do?
First, arm yourself. Move away from cities, only small towns. Then, set up a base. Scavenge for food and water. Set up barricades and yeah.

Why are there so many grammar errors?
What grammar errors? my other books, I was young... this book, where?

What do you think of Phrazer?
Ignorant, mindless, blind, deaf, powerless, ruthless, persistant, and stinky.

It took me a month and a half to make my movie.
A month and a half, HA! listen to 'em. It took my 6 months to make my favorite book, and 7 months to make my first book. And plus, 2 months to make this one.

Hows Minecraft?
I rarely play that now.

So on 2/23/13, you were inspired by what?

You suck at drawing
And I guess you can draw better using paint.avi? go ahead... make something on paint.avi that looks better then mine.

I hate you and I hate Balto too.
You know, I have a Japanese friend named "Samuel" at my school... and he has a friend named "Nick" whos American and we hate each other... but does that mean I hate Samuel to? no, so you cannot hate Balto just because you hate me.

Which Balto do you like? 1, 2, or 3?

I love them all. Balto one is rather romantic, Balto two is spiritual, and Balto three is inspiring.

Your books suck.

Listen, you will NEVER see books that are like ours. I'm allowing you to live your dreams, I'm allowing you to be THE HERO. You can be an antagonist if you wish to do so... but no, you choose to be our enemy. Fine, just fine.