The book wasn't that easy to make, but it's the first book I ever WRITTEN down on a notebook on.

I had trouble naming several characters... so I took my dad's advice and I "converted" several names to my book.

Remus and Romulus were named after Rome's legend on how Rome formed.

Albert is named after Albert Einstien, I think you know him.

Davy is named after Davy Jones.

On 2/23/13, Saturday. I was inspired and did chapters 24 to 30 in one day!

Spolier alert:

The crew having to die throughout the story was inspired by the walking dead. It was a powerful emotion how every single survivor died throughout that campain. 

Romulus having his legs sawed off was inspired by "the witch's house." my jaw snapped off at the ending... it was so confusing and so ruthless.


Storm pirate captain- reference to Ice age IV. "Surrender your ship or face my fury!"

Captain Hook- reference to Peter Pan

Zezom Raleigh- reference to Sly Cooper

Soldier doe- reference to team fortress 2

Red-clothed girl that wakes up and seperates Davy from Remus- reference to over the hedge. Ha!

Chapter 38, the raven... yes, this is a reference to the book "the raven". I haven't read it at all though.

Hawk is not meant to be a reference at all.

Tod is not meant to be a reference at all.

Suaron is a reference to lord of the rings... obviously.


Each person's behaviors is based off of someone.

Hawk for example, doesn't like guns. This trait came from Stranger and someone's dad in Theodore Taylor's "sniper" book. The noise of the gun irritates Hawk, the silent push of the crossbow makes Hawk comfortable.

Rouge, the reason why she is silent is because she likes being quiet. Talking makes her feel compromised. This trait came from Longshot from "avatar, the last airbender" and some other stuff I can't remember.


This book is actually a combination of many other planned books.

The introduction was going to be for another book. Having to be in a dog pound and talking to a driver. (Chasing the outlaw)

The crew dying was also going to be for another book. (Unplanned)

Witch Maris was meant to be the antagonist for "the sword in the stone". That didn't turn out so well.

Chapter 27, pirate talkin'. I always loved chess back in sixith grade, heck, I rarely lost. All I dueled was two people at school. Phrazer and one of my old friends Rajah... who I really, really miss.

I listened to many songs to inspire me.
-Move like Jagger
-Balto 3, you don't have to be a hero.
-Balto 2, who are you?
-Balto 2, the grand design.

As you may know, the enemies: Xieus, Raven, etc... all represent one crew member from Remus's crew.
Xieus is meant to represent Chef... because of his throwing skills.
Raven is meant to represent Hawk... because they both fly and have precision aiming.


Chef was going to be Italian until I thought to myself: why not a Hawaian?
I had to arm wrestle myself. And I knew more Hawaiian then Italian so I chose Hawaiian.

Remus was going to have a family... until Davy killed them.

The ending was going to be Remus kills Davy but dies by storm pirates... then, he wakes up in a white room. He was sad because his crew was going to all die at first but doves fly behind him. Once Remus looks over his shoulder he sees his crew greet him and enter Atlantis.

Several crew members were deleted along the way...
Chip: uses ropes to travel, deleted.
Kelly: replaced by Rouge
Estheir: An elder banished from Teris.


NO doubt did this book have distractions...

School, school is always a distraction from my books. I don't find schools useless but it really does hinder my progress.

Balto 4, law of life. A medium distraction... (even though it never published.)

Alpha howl library, updates were a big distraction.


For this book, several locations I needed to use google maps. (I couldn't use Google Earth due to I needed to download it... I fear it'd take to long.)

Ironically, once I finished the part when the crew defeat zezom Raleigh, I discovered the city, Raleigh in North Carolina.


This book took to much time then estimated. And I'm not talking about the book itself... I'm talking about this page, home page, and questions... it took SO MUCH TIME.